Twilight – Romance For Dummies

OK – I know Twilight is all romantic/blah blah blah, and I know any girls reading this post know all this, but I just I want to make sure you get it (and you dads of daughters).

Twilight is romance that stupid people do. It’s all about obsessing about the WRONG kind of guy.

Here’s what I mean:

SMART girls think “he’s cute, but he’s a werewolf/vampire/abuser/alcohol/drug/etc addict – sooo seeya! I’ll find a cuter guy without the drama and ride off into the sunset to be happily ever after!”
NOT SMART girls (I’m trying to be charitable) think “He’s so cute! I don’t care if he’s a vampire/werewolf. I’ll ruin my eternity/family/people I love and get my life’s blood sucked out of me and my existence will be one long nightmare b/c I’m in love and love conquers all.”

NOT SMART girls think “He’s so cute! I don’t care that he beats me all the time and all my friends tell me he’s a jerk and one day he’ll beat my children b/c I’m in love and love conquers all.”

NOT SMART girls think “He’s so cute! I don’t care that he’s drunk or high all the time and all my friends tell me he’s a user and one day he may kill one of our kids driving drunk and my life will be one long nightmare b/c I’m in love and love conquers all.”

The beauty of NOT being married is that when you meet that vampire or werewolf or abuser or drunk or druggie…you have no commitment to them so you can go find a a good guy to marry! NOT make your entire future a train wreck b/c you think bad guy is the only guy for you.

Seriously – there are some things worse than being alone…like being married to a vampire (which is fantasy) or even worse – being married to an abuser.
I can hear it now – “Oh David – its not a big deal, its just fantasy.” No…its not. Its the kind of romance that women engage in all the time (men too-but women seem to get the brunt of it). Just go to any battered women’s shelter, spend a few years as a pastor trying to help folks salvage the train wreck, or when you see someone beaten down in marriage – just listen to the stories.
So be SMART about romance.

OH – one more thing – since Edward is like 100 years old, and Bella is underage, doesn’t that make Edward a major creeper?

PS: I only know about this b/c I have a teenage daughter and so its part of my job. Otherwise I’d be writing about shooting guns or explosives or something manly like that…

11 thoughts on “Twilight – Romance For Dummies

  1. Satan is subtle…that's for sure! I know a LOT of middle-aged women SWOONING over Edward Cullen. They are in love with “eternal love”…a love that can't end. There's only one love that won't end…Jesus' love.

    I get so bent out of shape when I see/hear/read women I know going on and on and on about “Edward and Bella”, “Team Edward or Team Jacob”. Ugh! Grow up women! This is not just “fantasy”…this is a foothold! And you're allowing the great deceiver and father of lies an open door with a welcome matt! I know! I read the first two books…was starting on my third when I was able to realize what a hold this story had on me. Like and alcoholic pouring wine down a drain, I picked up the books, got in my car, drove across town and delivered the books onto the door step of the friend who lent them to me. I had to cut this stuff out of my life. And now, I see clearly what kind of a hold this “fantasy romance” had on me…I read the first book, “Twilight” in one day. Guess what didn't get done that day? Laundry, dinner, quiet time with God.

    I see it with many friends….they are in love with “eternal” love…Edward can't die…and he promise to love Bella forever. Blah! Blah! Blah!….puleaze! Grow up ladies! Grow up!

    (Mauri Austria)


  2. So, here it is, the devil will use ANYTHING to lead our children astray. he tries to make evil attractive and we buy into it.
    Can I say that? Will it make people mad because I don't care about two guys who are fanged animals that girls want to be with? Can I say that? …

    Will it make people mad when I say, “ARE YOU BLIND? Don't you see the lure in the wrong direction? Don't be fooled!”
    So, can I post this on FB or will people get mad at me?

    Monica Hatch


  3. Tru Dat. Way to cover the bases David. Been there, done that and LUCKILY I found my cuter guy that I am running off into the sunset in my Dodge Grand Caravan filled with four little ones) AND icing on the cake? I get to spend eternity with him. 😉


  4. I will admit that I have seen all three movies and don’t condone all the messages the stories deliver. While it is not even close to my favorite in the trilogy films released on the big screen, I do find it entertaining when taken in the proper context.
    I agree with the sentiments of this blog and the comments that were made thus far. The message that is delivered from this move is almost typical of what often comes out of Hollywood. Bella’s (and her parent’s) mind-set on certain matters disturbed me the most. In this last movie her desire to “engage” with Edward before marriage and her response to his refusal of “These are modern times and no one waits until they are husband and wife” sends an unwanted statement to our daughters. All the while long her mother (in the previous movie) is asking about details and protection.
    Another one of Bella’s positions that I am not fond of is her declaration that she can be in love with Edward and Jacob at the same time. This only proves her immaturity and the fact that she really doesn’t know what love is. As David pointed out, her willingness to leave her family and friends only promotes a view of “It’s all about me” and short sightedness to the future and the consequences of her actions.
    On another note I use to refer to Edward as a petafile, now that Bella is 18 he’s just a dirty old man. With all that said I was glad to see more blood and killing in this movie. 🙂


  5. Very interesting…..

    Fortunately, I can say that I have no time for nor interest in the fantasy genre of literature or movies. I rarely even watch TV and, on the rare occasions that I do, it will most certainly be Forensic Files or First 48 which I find fascinating. These are true cases of unsolved crimes and how forensics is used to solve them. Great stuff.

    Most of my leisure time, these days, is spent with my kiddos and getting to know the One who pulled me out of a pit I dug for myself. I am either diving deep into my bible study, reading His Word or, currently, the book Mere Christianity by CS Lewis (which, by the way, is an EXCELLENT read).

    Thanks for sending this link. I had no idea what all the hoopla was about and now I know I am glad I don’t. My how the world just desperately wants to be sated, all the while looking in the places and to the things that ultimately deplete instead of satisfy…..



  6. Good words, David. Keep 'em coming! (Thanks also for your nice comment on my blog!)
    I agree with many of the thoughts above — it's too easy to get entrenched in a “good story” and only later realize that it's taken you away from the Best (ongoing) Story of All. Although I've never read these particular books or seen any of the movies, I can easily relate with other areas of life. Thanks for the reminder!


  7. David, thanks for bringing this to the forefront. I admit, I am 'square' because I did not know what this stuff was about. I don't do 'scary' demonic movies…just don't and didn't let our kids see this stuff when they were growing up. I do remember 'Dark Shadows' as a kid growing up…it was the rave then…once I accepted Jesus in my life, I gave up all that stuff…and so now I don't have a desire to look at it. However, it is so very important for the church to address this, so thanks so much for being open, frank,m and willing.
    Yasmin Brown


  8. I read the series. For me, it was entertainment. To hear women rave about Edward unsettles me somehow. Something in me screams that it is unnatural to fall in love with something that requires you to sacrifice your human life to become an “immortal”… however beautiful the immortal may be. I simply think it is the “God hole” people try to fill with all sorts of things. In this case it's the illusion of the “perfect romance.”
    There is a book called “The Sacred Romance”. One of the best I've read. I think once we can apply that Biblical concept, we are able to realize the romance in our marriage accepting it's human limitations.


  9. AMEN Pastor David! I love that we can count on you to not dance around the issues or tickle our ears. Thank you!
    Tara Gilson


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