Christians on Same Sex Marriage?!?!

So I’m writing this because I can’t seem to get a simple, good take on same sex marriage. And this post is directed at those who call themselves Christians (I don’t expect non-Christians to agree with much of what I have to say-that would be a conversation about salvation and Christ’s great sacriifce). Because apparently a lot of Christians don’t get the Bible at all. Crazy right? (being facetious…it’s my favorite thing to be). One of those that is completely disturbing to me is Dr. Chris Cone-President of Tyndale Theo. Seminary (graduates need not apply for a job with me) who wrote an article “Why I Concurrently Both Oppose and Support Gay Marriage.” Oh – and while the title you just read says he supports it, he says he doesn’t condone it. That makes my head hurt.

Also…disclaimer: I don’t have time to wordsmith this so that everyone who wants to defend their sin isn’t offended. So before you call me a hater or a small minded bigot – understand this: I’ve spent a lot of time in my life ministering to people in the worst of situations. I have loved people who you would absolutely deem unlovable.  I’ve spent time in prisons, time in far away parts of the globe, just to encourage men and women, share Christ’s love with them, help them and minister to them.  I’m just saying what God’s Word says, so if the best you can do is call names, save your breath.

So here we go. Why Christians should oppose same-sex marriage:

1. Homosexuality is a sin. Like adultery. Like stealing. Like lying. “But Jesus didn’t say it was!” Really? Where do you get that? You do understand that the whole Bible is God speaking and not just the red letter part right? I mean, this is 1st grader Bible info-what you learn in Sunday School. Romans 1:26-27 is a complete repudiation of homosexuality. Need more? Lev. 20:13, Leviticus 18:22 (but that OT-it’s gone man! Oh-so you reject verse 21 about not offering your kids in the fire as a sacrifice too?). How about 1 Corinthians 6:9,1 Timothy 1:10. God wrote all of that. He’s clear.

He’s also clear that there is forgiveness for homosexuality just like there is for every other sin. He’s clear that the hope for every man, woman and child, is salvation through Jesus Christ. His desire is that none should perish, but that everyone come to repentance – 2 Peter 3:9.

Not a cow. Even if you call it one.

2. It’s an affront to God’s design. The definition has been a man + woman for 10,000 plus years. Stated first in Genesis 2:24-God designed male and female differently so they “fit” together physically. Like pieces of a puzzle. I realize we’re so much smarter than anyone in history, what with great intellectual entertainment like MTV and the Kardashians, but just because you call two men together a marriage doesn’t make it so. I can call a horse a cow, but that steak is still gonna have a funny taste. And you’re still fooling around with God’s plan. Don’t be a fool.

3. You’re telling a whole segment of the population to go to hell. When Christians condone (and by saying you are OK as a citizen with legalizing same sex marriage-you’re condoning, or as Dr. Cone said “for it”) the legislation of sin, they are saying to the sinner, “go ahead, and go to hell. I’m OK with it.” It’s not compassionate, it’s not loving, it’s not “live and let live”, it’s more “live and let die”. And yes, I realize that only Jesus saves and not works, but it’s being neither “salt” nor “light”. In fact, you’re saying “spread the darkness around more…and that’s either pure ignorance or just twisted and hateful. Everyone matters to God, so they should matter to us – which means we shouldn’t be saying “continue on…peace out”; we should be saying “Danger Will Robinson! Danger!”.

4. We ALWAYS “legislate morality”.  The question is “who’s” morality? You shall not murder. Morality. You shall not take another’s property by force. Morality. You shall not lie (on contracts). Morality. You shall not commit prostitution. Morality. You shall not let kids watch porn. Morality. You shall not let men molest young boys. Morality. Law is about “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”. Guess what? Morality is about “shoulds” and “shouldnts” too. When you say a man can marry a man – you are legislating (or in the case before the Supreme Court, dictating morality! It is flat out ignorance of the law to says we don’t legislate morality (see-I told you I wasn’t word smithing to be sensitive).

5. Same-sex marriage will damage your country. I know our home country is in heaven, but we should give a rip about the people around us. Proverbs 14:34 says “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to ANY people.” Do we care for our fellow citizens? Or do we pray like Ahmadinejad for the destruction of all things so Jesus will come again? Granted, he wants the appearance of the 12 Imam, not Jesus, but it’s the same idea. If it really gets bad,  He’ll show up, so let’s deep six it now! How about instead we weep for our countrymen, pray that God brings revival, and work to keep it from descending into a moral morass that will hurt men, women and children.

6. Christians should be about democracy. 31 States have voted in a democratic process to define marriage as one man, one woman, that’s all. NEVER has same sex marriage been approved by an election. The only reason it might be legal now, will be if five Supreme Court Justices, in a country of 330+ million, overturn the will of the people. That’s called judicial tyranny. Not on constitutional grounds. So you’re against “legislating” morality, but you’re just fine and dandy with “dictating” morality?

7. It will blast a hole in religious liberty. The lawsuits have already begun. If same sex marriage becomes a “right”, then churches and pastors will be sued and forced underground. You can be fired from your job for publicly saying you don’t agree with same sex marriage.Don’t believe me? Read the news – it’s no slippery slope somewhere in the future. It’s already happening. A few (from article by Dana Loesch):

When same sex marriage is a “right”, you will be pressured to be silent, in some cases by force of law (pastors in Canada threatened for preaching homosexuality is a sin).  And your kids will be taught that its a right, and that your “God” is wrong and a bigot. The lawsuits and name calling have already started, get ready for more.

7. If same sex marriage is a “right” because anyone in “love” should not be denied the right to marry, ANY kind of marriage is acceptable.   You have no moral standing to deny marriage to: two men, two women, three men and 5 women, one man and 42 women, a woman and her dad, a man and his mom, and sister and brother, two brothers. If marriage is defined as marrying who you want, then who are we to discriminate against anyone? 

Hope that helps. God’s clear on it. I’m not sure why some are not. 

Someone said we are always one generation away from barbarism, and that is perfectly clear in the case of same sex marriage. If it is legalized as a right, our country will descend into moral chaos (ok-already there a bit), and Christians should care about that and be salt and light in their nationwide community.

But if the watchman sees the enemy coming and doesn’t sound the alarm to warn the people, he is responsible for their captivity. Ezekiel 33:6

Every time you post this, Facebook it, Tweet it, Share it, comment below, etc, an angel get’s its wings! Or maybe its a mosquito…can’t remember…

8 thoughts on “Christians on Same Sex Marriage?!?!

  1. Thanks for commenting Randy! Maybe, maybe not. But government is involved, and that's not changing anytime soon. We have to deal with “what is”, and “what is”, is the battle to change marriage.


  2. Wow! That is very well put. It is easy for our perspective to be swayed in today's society. Since it is becoming the “norm”. Thank you for taking the time to remind us of our responsibility as Christians to take a stand for God and not for the comfortable, normal way in our modern day lives.


  3. Don't throw the babies out with the bath water. 🙂

    I'm a graduate of Tyndale seminary (when it was under Dr. Mal Couch) and am as troubled about Dr. Cone's blog article for all the same reasons–and one more.

    My jaw dropped when I read it. I'm certain it will have a negative affect on the school, regardless of claims that it is a 'personal opinion.'

    Makes me wonder, with such leadership, whether Tyndale will eventually join the long list of once-solid institutions which have been washed downstream with the culture rather than sticking to what God has said.


  4. In consideration of your proposal, my understanding is that you are assuming the Christian Bible is the written Word of God. Next, what the Word says is clear and infallible in it’s interpretation of non-heterosexual relationships being an affront to God’s plan for the Christian defined institution of marriage. If that is correct, then it appears to constitute numerous assumptions made based on two things- one, a book and, two, your personal feelings and emotions being projected onto the rest of humanity.

    I would also contend that you simply exist like most other humans in that you synthesize your life and existence based on anecdotal experiences and convictions shared by friends and family. This represents a tribal form of connectivity. For you specifically, this connection serves as confirmation of your beliefs and further motivation to continue on your path.

    Nevertheless, the path you follow is your choice alone. Even after prayerful consideration with God and trusted counsel from others, it is you who are ultimately responsible for each decision you make after you wake up each morning to experience that brief moment when your brain reminds you, “Hey, you’re still here.”

    You have some really hi-def coffee beans there, by the way.

    Best wishes,


  5. Thanks so much for the comment – and yes – you’d be correct. I do consider the Bible to be the written Word of God. If I don’t, I’m just making things up that I like, imagine or dream as I go along. Like how because of a totalitarian ruling by just FIVE people in a country who substituted their wisdom for the wisdom of the ages and the majority of the people in a country of over 300 million.

    Thanks again!


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