Banned Phrases: All Sins Are Equal In God’s Eyes

“Banned Phrases” – this will be a recurring feature of, because there are just too many silly things being spouted off by people who should know better!

These are phrases that are oft repeated, and either: annoying, and/or ignorant, or…maybe accepted truths that are actually false. Just want to enlighten you. If you continue to use one of these phrases, I’ll have to….well I have no idea. Like I have any power at all. But they are banned! Banned I tell you!

As an example, if this was a generic everything-but-the-kitchen-sink post, “YOLO” would be at the top of the list. Every time you say “YOLO,” and angel loses a few IQ points.

You get the idea. So if I can get a drum roll please…the first banned phrase is:

All sins are equal in God’s eyes.

At first blush it seems so deep. So insightful. So astute. And yet it is… so ridiculous.

This one makes me want bang my head on the desk. Where did anyone every get that idea? Did they use any logic? Or did they bother to ask God? Or even bother to look at what God actually said? Like maybe, I don’t know, in the Bible?

I was with a group of men years ago, and we were discussing someone we all knew who had committed a horrific crime. And one of these men said “well you know, all sin is equal in God’s eyes.” Yes…I’m sure God feels the same about the particularly horrific sin we were discussing, that smashed a number of lives to literal pieces, as He feels about the fact that as a second grader I lied to my mom and said I was sick when in fact, I was well. Because God is a simpleton like that (harshest sarcasm possible here).

Two arguments for all sins NOT being equal. First, common sense, second, God’s own Word.

Common Sense:

If you think that God sees all sins equally, this is what you’re saying, literally:


Now assuming you are human with an IQ greater than your shoe size, you can see that anything the kid on the left could do, would pale in comparison to the Castro brother chaining girls for 10 years in a dungeon and doing things I shudder to think about.

You can tell the difference in the magnitude of the sins represented above, but God Himself cannot distinguish between the two and recognize that one is a thousand times more wicked, sick, twisted, painful and horrific? You can tell the difference but God can’t?

That would have to be a morally corrupt God.


God’s Word: 

God is NOT morally corrupt. Over and over and over and OVER again God differentiates between levels of sin.

Now I get where a child might think this is true. The reasoning goes like this: the smallest sin is enough to send you to hell, so all sin is equal in God’s eyes. If you’re a child, that makes sense. But a simple review of God’s Word reveals this to be shallow thinking.


Different Sin, Different Consequence

Commit murder, get executed. Genesis 9:6
Steals an ox, repay with five oxen. Exodus 22:1

These are God’s penalties. So if all sins are equal, why isn’t the thief executed? Or the murderer just paying fine? Because all sins are not equal in God’s eyes. Yes, any sin makes us guilty and sentences us to hell. But God views the shedding of human blood as much worse than stealing, because it involves the taking of a human life, so God’s penalty in this life is much, much worse.

Different Sin, Different Ultimate Judgment

Jesus said on the day of judgment, it would be MUCH more tolerable for Tyre, Sidon and Sodom than for Capernaum (Matthew 11:22, 24). According to Jesus even ultimate judgment has varying degrees of severity, based on the sin.

And if that’s not enough:

Jesus Himself Calls One Sin Greater than Another

John 19:11 Jesus tells Pilate Himself, “he who delivered me over to you has the GREATER sin.” If you’ve got a greater than, you’ve got a lesser than. A greater than something cannot at the same time be equal to that something. Christ Himself answers the question of whether or not all sins are equal.

All sins aren’t equal. There are differences in sin, differences in God’s resulting judgment. All sin is evil. But to equate the sin of lying  with the sins of a Gosnell is to degrade God’s justice, and defy Godly logic and it actually minimizes the impact of vile wickedness on the victims.

Murder, slavery and the slaying of babies are much worse sins a child lying to mom.

If you don’t believe me, ask God. He answers with great clarity in His Word.

God Speed,

Pastor David


Every time you post this, Facebook it, Tweet it, Share it, comment below, etc, an angel get’s its wings! Or maybe its a mosquito…or a buzzard…can’t remember…

5 thoughts on “Banned Phrases: All Sins Are Equal In God’s Eyes

  1. I can see the earthly payment for sin is different. But what about in Heaven? Need more convincing. God cannot look on any sin, so how is he to even see a difference? Jesus' blood insured that….


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