How You Can Become Extraordinary!

Not much “bait” there.

Ouch! Sorry. You can’t become extraordinary. It’s impossible (that’s really a bait and switch isn’t it? Dirty trick!).

Jesus is extraordinary. Anything short of “Jesus-ness” (new word!) is just, well, ordinary. I mean really, when is the last time you healed a blind man or a cripple? Rose from the dead lately? I don’t think so.

“But I’m like a snowflake! I’m one in a million!”
No. You’re one OF about 7 billion. That’s ordinary (and flaky if you really said you’re a snowflake).

Item is actually sold by Christian
bookseller. Narcissism anyone?

“But my mom says I’m extraordinary!”
That says more about your mom than it does you.

“But God loves me! Haven’t you heard John 3:16 you downer you? That means I AM extraordinary!”
Yes I’ve heard John 3:16. And I agree. God LOVES you. Absolutely. But not just you. He loves “the world”. Sorry but that brings in that other 6.99999 billion. That sounds kind of like ordinary to me…   

So I’m not extraordinary? Thanks a lot David! Hard to get happy after that!!

Au contraire mon fraire (that’s French you know)

While our “ordinariness” may seem like a bitter pill to swallow in our “look at me aren’t I fabulous” self centered, self seeking society, it’s actually quite freeing and encouraging. Here’s why:

1. This extraordinary God who flung the stars into space…He cares about you. He has numbered the hairs on your head. He loves you. NOT because of who YOU are or how “special” you are.

God loves you because of – get this – it’s good – because of who HE is.

2. God uses ordinary people. Just flip through your Bible. VERY ordinary people. Happy people, sad people, passionate people, depressed people, sinful people (all of them are sinful). So He can use you. 
3. Anytime at all that someone does something extraordinary, it’s because an extraordinary God has gotten ahold of them. 
Let me give you a most excellent example:

Samuel the great prophet of God (who was great because the great God spoke through him), goes to Jesse’s house. “Bring me all your sons.” Jesse calls all of his sons. Except one.

Jesse didn’t bother to call David, because David was not very outstanding, remarkable, noteworthy, terrific, unique or spectacular. In fact, you could say to his very own father, David was ordinary.

David was so ordinary that when Sam says to Jesse “call your sons”, David was:

Left out.
Left behind.
Forgotten (by his own dad).
In Jesse’s estimation, David doesn’t count.

Have you ever felt like that? I have. Many times. You’ve heard of the position “left field” in baseball? My position was called “left out.” We’ve all been left out at some point. 

Samuel goes through all David’s bros – Eliab – the face jock, Abinadab – voted “best six pack abs”, Shammah – voted “most likely to slay a giant”. 
God says “no, no, no – I don’t look on the outward appearance, I look at the heart.”
I Sam 16:7
David with Goliath’s head. This picture was definitely
not in my children’s Bible. Most excellent though.

Sam asks Jesse “Are these all your boys?” Jesse says “Oh yeah, there’s that one…ummmmm…the sheep boy, but he’s busy.” And of course, THAT’S DAVID, GOD’S MAN, GOD’S ANOINTED, GOD’S LEADER, GOD’S CHOSEN KING FOR THE NATION FORGOTTEN WITH THE SHEEP!!!
All caps because I am shouting its so absurd.

Go read the story. So very fascinating. David is brought in from the field. Samuel anoints him, and at that moment the Spirit of the Extraordinary God “RUSHED” upon David.
I Sam 16:13

And ordinary David, filled with the Spirit of the extraordinary God goes on to slay a giant, and lead Israel as it is transformed from a band of tribes to a mighty nation.

I just love this! 

That’s really extraordinary. And encouraging. 
Why? Because I am absolutely so very ordinary. So are you. 

I am ordinary. Wanting to be used by God who is extraordinary.

And God wants to use me. And the extraordinary God, He wants to use you. You submit to the Extraordinary, you follow Christ, and He will use you. 
God Speed – Pastor David
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