Banned Phrase: Oh My G_d (also OMG)

“Banned Phrases” is a recurring and fantastic feature here at Unapologetic. They are phrases that are oft repeated, and either: annoying (i.e. the word “yummy”) and/or ignorant (here), or…maybe accepted truths that are actually false. If you continue to use one of these phrases, I’ll have to….well I have no idea. Like I have any power at all. But they are banned! Banned I tell you!

Today’s Banned Phrase: “Oh My G_D” 

(and the juvenile shorthand “OMG”)

1. A lot of people say “oh my G_d” (I can’t write it out-it would be like writing out the f-bomb). And by a lot of people – I mean people who call themselves Christians.


OMG David! Get real! Why is it disturbing? You’re so overly dramatic.

Am I? Read on.

2. It’s on God’s Top Ten List. By Top Ten List, I mean the 10 Commandments. The ones He thought were crucial to write down, on stone, so that Charlton Heston, Moses, and the Israelites would know the basics of Godly behavior after 400 years of slavery in a pagan culture.

He says, on #3:  
“You must not misuse the name of the LORD your God. The LORD will not 
let you go unpunished if you misuse His name.  
Exodus 20:7 (NLT)

 The Israelites (and Charlton) took it so seriously, that they wouldn’t completely write out the name of God. In the Hebrew, they left out the vowels. It would be like “G_d” in English. They wanted to make sure that they didn’t even have a CHANCE of using God’s name irreverently (unless of course they were building a golden calf to worship as in Exodus 32 then, all bets are off).

They figured “if God makes it #3 of the top 10, it’s a big deal to Him. If it’s a big deal to Him, it better be a big deal to us.”

3. When God says don’t “misuse” or “take His name in vain”, He means don’t use it irreverently. Or lightly. Or flippantly. He means don’t use the name of the One who gave you life, in the place of a four letter gutter word, to express surprise or delight or anger or frustration.

Charlton in another awesome Christian epic: Ben Hur.
You’ve gotta see it! Or better yet – read the book.

Saying “Oh My G_d” is misusing His name (unless you’re praying directly to Him, or singing a praise song to Him). While you can write OMG and really mean “oh my gosh”, just know 99% of the population will assume you’re using shorthand for the other.


Oh – and I had someone tell me once (“Oh My G_d” was her “go to” phrase in any and all situations) that she was really talking to God every time she said it. Seriously? I was born, but it wasn’t yesterday. She was justifying herself, and if you heard her, trust me, you’d just laugh. If you use this excuse, I have to call the “s” word on you. Stupidity. 

4. Using God’s name this way is called “blasphemy”. 
Definition: “impious utterance or action concerning God or sacred things”.

5. God takes blasphemy very seriously.  Look back at what He said. He said He “will not let you go unpunished if you misuse His name.” When God says punish, that’s serious. He’s as serious about blasphemy as murder (#6) and adultery(#7).

6. Yeah yeah yeah I  know – the meaning of this commandment goes way beyond just speaking God’s name as a cuss word – it means any improper use. Like being Sister Mary, Jesus’ Fortune Teller and Palm Reader. Sister Mary is claiming her psycho power scam is from Jesus – she’s a major breaker of this command. When a TV preacher claims to have a “word” from the Lord that you should send him your money as a “seed” for a “harvest of riches”, and he doesn’t have a word, he’s breaking this command. And he’s a wretched thief stealing from widows.

But the most elementary meaning is what we’ve discussed, and folks are failing at keeping it miserably.

7. To clarify, if you have not put your faith in Christ, then this whole discussion is kind of putting the cart before the horse (or chariot before the horses). To find out how to know Christ – go here.  

But for the rest of you – here’s the bottom line – and it’s good – misusing God’s name has no place in the life of a believer. Some sins sneak up on us, some hijack us, some trap us, but this one has got to be the easiest of all to avoid – ban the phrase from your personal vocabulary. 

“Don’t be blasphemous,
you munchkin!”

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2 thoughts on “Banned Phrase: Oh My G_d (also OMG)

  1. Have to agree …. OMG is so common. Have to laugh … when I've called people on it … they say, “Oh, it's with a small 'g'!” lol Oh, really? Fool yourself but you can't fool me.


  2. Oh my GOSH I love this post. And you are so right, no one is going to interpret the “g” as gosh unless you actually SAY the word gosh! Too much justification and minimization going on. Thanks for this! – Allyson


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