God is big. So what?

How big is God? 
He’s so big He can create the universe. 
He’s so big He could eat a thousand James Coney Island hot dogs and still have room for chili cheese fries (that sounds a lot like heaven).
Mythological Hindu sage Agastya drinking oceans.
He was very thirsty. Especially after all that salt water.
God is much bigger than that.
He’s so big he could drink the entire ocean and still be thirsty. He is superduper big.
But anyone who knows that God created everything knows that God is really big. It’s just not a big deal to “know” this. Most people do.
And as many times as I’ve talked and preached about it, so what? Think about it – God is big! Whoooohooo! Who cares? You know who cares? Do you really know who cares that God is big?

Very few people.

In fact, 96% of the population believe God is big, and for most it makes no difference at all in the way they live. So God is big. So what?

Don’t misunderstand: the fact that He is big is important, but do I really need to talk about it? Or is it just preaching to the choir (the choir being everyone that’s not an atheist or agnostic)?

In terms of God’s size, I think the wrong question to ask is “How big is God?”.
A better question would be this:  

How big is God in my life?
Many folks would say that God is humongous! Giant! Ginormous! And then they live like atheists, with no thought about this great big God. The Bible puts it this way for the children of Israel: Everyone did what was right in his own eyes. Judges 21:25.

These people believed God was so big He could rescue them from FOUR HUNDRED YEARS OF SLAVERY. But they didn’t care what this big God thought about their lives. 

In their own lives, they were MUCH BIGGER than God.

How big is God in my life?
A key verse describing God’s “bigness” lived out in my life says whether I eat or drink, or whatever I do, I do it all to His glory (1 Cor. 10:31). That means everything I do – if people know I worship Him – should make Him look good.
Is He big enough to be all up in my grill? I mean really, really up in my grill?
For instance:
Is He big enough in my life to quell my fear in the middle the night?
Is He big enough in my life that I trust Him even in the midst of disaster?
Is He big enough in my life to control my tongue, my lusts, my ethics?
Is He big enough in my life to control my entertainment choices?
Is He big enough in my life to make me love my wife more? And by love her more I don’t mean giving her a card on Valentine’s Day. Any knucklehead can do that. I mean really manning up and:
Serving her when I don’t want to.
Keeping my mouth shut when I want to say something irritating. 
Listening listening listening and listening more when she needs to talk talk talk talk and talk (classic difference between men and women).
Being comforting when I’m just tired.
Just generally being what she needs in her life…
rather than what I want to be at any given moment
(and the same goes with wives for their husbands).
Here’s a big one! Stepping on Toes Alert (STA)! 
Is He big enough to control my driving? What I mean is this: I’ve met more than a few people who refuse to put a Christian sticker on their car for the sole reason that their driving would be a horrible Christian witness (is that like singing “Jesus DON’T take the wheel”?). You realize of course that this is absurd right? Your Christianity shouldn’t stop at the car door.

Is God that big in my life?
Is God big enough in my life that His Word dictates my life rather than being my go-to for comfort on whatever path I choose?

But David!  I can’t let God be that big – because there are things He’ll want me to do that I don’t want to! And there are things I want to do that He won’t want me to do!!!

It sounds like you’re saying that you don’t trust God to want your very best. You really believe, regardless of what you say, you really believe that God’s guidance and control will ruin you. Either that or you just don’t care.

Let me help you out with an illustration:

My girls  are, as the saying goes, the absolute apple of my eye. I mean I want to bless them and give them everything I possibly can. I’d easily die for them without any hesitation if that were necessary.

Imagine if one of them came to me and said “Daddy I will completely submit to you in everything! From now on, no arguing, no passive aggression, no ignoring. Whatever you say, is what I will do.”
Do you ever in a million years imagine that I would start rubbing my hands together in Despicable Me fashion as I think “Now I have them right where I want them! How can I best make their lives miserable?” 
No way! My response would be to take them in my arms and hug them and them hug them and hug them until they were embarrassed, and then do everything in my power to give them everything I could to make their lives better than than they ever imagined (I kind of do that anyway-but you get the idea).
In the same way, your Heavenly Father, who loves you so much more than I love my girls,  takes great joy in the man or woman who seeks to submit to Him in everything.
He’s never out to ruin you, but to bless you and walk with you and protect you and take you one day, home to be with Him. Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. And everything He tells you and me to do – it always works for good.
How big is God…in your life? Make Him Bigger. Every day. Always a good plan. Always.

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