No Throwaways

Ever feel like a throwaway? A nothing? Like no on cares whether you live or die? Then read on my friend.

One day Jesus sat down across from the temple treasury with the disciples.

And on that day, a lot of rich folks, making a big show, were dropping a lot of coin.
And a little old widow walks  up. And Jesus points her out. I imagine that if we were there, the conversation might have gone like this: 
Jesus: “Hey disciples! See that lady?”
“The one that dropped a bucket of gold in the offering?”
“The one with the Jimmy Choo flip flops?”
“The one with the pink Prada tote?” 
The one with the Tiffany hairband?”
“The one with the fabulous hair, fabulous style, fabulous eyes and fabulous smile?”
Jesus: “No, no, no, no! The little lady dressed in clothes that are 30 years old, that looks tired and haggard and worn out! The one who looks like she has nothing, and when she dropped her offering in, you couldn’t hear it at all. The one who dropped in less than a penny. That one!”
Disciples: “Less than a penny? Really Jesus? Yeah. We see her. Who cares? She’s a leftover, a left out, a throwaway.  She….doesn’t….matter. At all“.
Jesus (this is actually from Scripture): “Truly, I say to you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the offering box.  For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on,” Mark 12:43-44.
She put in more? How can that be?
Simple. This is big, big life principle. Make note of it:
Jesus marks the act. Not just the impact.
We love the impact. That’s why we celebrate the money, the looks, the fame, the fortune. And generally speaking, we don’t notice the one who attempts and fails, or struggles in the trenches, or does small things (relatively speaking) for God. When’s the last time you heard of a plaque put up somewhere for the custodian, the greeter, the dishwasher, or the one who attempted something great for God, and fell flat on his/her face?
We make a lot of fanfare for the superstar…because we love the impact. 
But Jesus marks the act. And He makes a big, big deal out of it.
You see, all that we have to offer, – Jesus doesn’t need any of it. One of the perks of being God, is that you can do anything! And you don’t needanyone to get it done.

And while Jesus doesn’t need any of it, He loves to mark the act. 


One reason may be because it’s the act that reveals the heart. And that widow? That throwaway? She gave more than all the rich people. Because in her tiny act, she gave all she had.

Now get this. This is huge. Earthshaking. Ready? Are you sure? Read slowly:

That “throwaway” – her act of giving less than a penny…that was the most significant event on planet earth that day.

It was so noteworthy to God the Son, that He immortalized her in the pages of Scripture (1 Peter 1:25).

Biggest event on earth that day?
The widow’s offering.

That “throwaway” did something so significant, so profound, so earth shaking, that it has been remembered and talked about for 2000 years. 

Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Katy Perry, and the Bachelor have nothing on her. She’s the real deal, the big enchilada, the big kahuna that everyone thinks those guys are.  

God the Son misses nothing. No act is too small to escape His attention. No act done for Him is too insignificant to escape His reward. Because those acts are precious to Him. 

And Here’s the Payoff:

No act you do for the Lord, is so small, so insignificant, that it will be missed by Jesus. 

What you do for Jesus:
succeed or fail, 
hit or miss, 
foul ball or home run, 
every act you do for the Lord, 
He notices it. 
And He marks it.  
And He remembers it. 

And when Jesus remembers something, it lasts forever.

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