We are Not Enough

I am not enough.

You are not enough.

We are not enough.

And that my friend, is absolutely, 100%, guaranteed, God’s plan.

Here’s what I mean:

Judges 6. An Angel of the Lord comes along to Gideon, who is hanging out in a wine press, hoping to avoid being seen by Israel’s enemies.

Gideon would say of himself “I am not enough”. 

The Angel says “The Lord is with you O mighty man of valor.” 

Important Note:
Gideon is not a mighty man of anything…yet. 

God calls Gideon what he will be. We don’t do that. We will nail you for what you been.

Gideon calls himself what he has been: weak. Weakest clan, weakest in his family. Gideon looks at himself and says “no way”. 

A truer statement has never been spoken. Gideon cannot accomplish God’s plan. But THAT is part of God’s plan. God’s plan for Gideon, is that Gideon is not enough. 

And So Get This…

The Bible is full of:

  • weak
  • sinful
  • unstable
  • confused
  • incompetent
  • inadequate
  • emotional
  • distressed
  • volatile
  • fragile people.

And God uses and infuses and empowers and works through them. That is His plan.

In the Same Way…
When you look at yourself and you say “there is no way out, no way up, no way down, no way for me to do life – I don’t have the stuff it takes to make it” – whatever “it” is at the moment – whenever you look at yourself and say “there is no way,” Jesus says “I am the way.” 

When you look at yourself and say “I’m not hard enough, rough enough, wise enough, clever enough for God’s plan” – remember – that IS His plan. 

His plan is that we are not enough. 
But He is.

I Corinthians 12:10: When I am weak, then I am strong. Because in my weakness – He is strong. God loves to use the weak because they appreciate it, they recognize they need it, they open themselves to it, and He is able to shine through them.

We are not enough. But take heart my friend, never lose heart, because He who spoke the heavens into existence, planned it that way, so that in our weakness, we might lean on and lean into His strength.

Have a monumental Monday.

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