Ban the "B" Word

I know what you’re thinking! He’s talking about that profanity that is used to degrade women! No no no. That would actually make sense.

Instead, there’s a new “movement” afoot. It’s a movement by forward thinking women everywhere to ban the
word “bossy”, when said to girls.

You know, when that little graceless girl from down the street would come over and start telling everyone things like:

  • GI Joe has to go! We’re playing Barbie! It’s my way or the highway!
  • Hey! It’s time to play tea party. And I’m the queen. 
  • We’re gonna watch what I want to watch!
  • That’s mine. So is that. And that. And that. It’s all mine! Aaaaaaaaalllll of it!
And then some well meaning parent, or boy, or another girl says “Hey! Quit being so bossy!” 
Apparently that is anathema. It will crush a girl’s spirit, and by the time she reaches junior high, she will never…ever consider attempting to be a leader. I’m guessing by her high stature and brilliant leadership, nobody ever called Margaret Thatcher “bossy”. Of course, this is all quite fascinating as the NY Times (bastion of liberal thought) fires Jill Abramson, reportedly for being bossy (click for link).
It’s the worst “B” word you can call a woman…or a little girl! If only girls were not called bossy, there would be many, many more women as captains of industry!
This is the kind of nonsense that passes for wisdom when when a society loses it’s moral foundation (stick with me – this isn’t sexist).
Beyonce is a spokeswoman for the “Ban Bossy” campaign. Talk about weird. 
Jay-Z, who owns Beyonce (I’m assuming he owns her since he calls her his “b**ch” in his song “That’s My B**ch”), loves to call women the degrading word for a mother dog. He loves the word so much that he uses it to describe women in fully 54% of his songs (no-never listened to one of his songs). Read about in Time Magazine here). As a father of two daughters, I really can’t say enough bad about Jay-Z’s misogynistic attitude toward women.
And, the culture is awash in the derogatory words for women. 
But the word “bossy”? That’s the “b” word that’s keeping women down. It’s a mixed up, upside down, whacked out world (I’m not surprised – just stating a fact).
God comes along and says something completely different:
  1. He says He made women (and men) in His image…not the image of a dog. Genesis 1:27
  2. He says a man is to love his wife like Christ loved the church. Willing to die her. Ephesians 5:25
  3. He says men and women are of equal value in Christ. Galatians 3:28
  4. He says a man and woman become uniquely “one flesh” in marriage. Genesis 2:24

So what to do? Teach your boys to respect girls and women. They’re all someone’s daughter, sister, maybe even mother. Teach your daughters to avoid men who degrade women like the plague. Run and don’t look back. And teach them to be honorable. And not bossy (being bossy is rude, and is not the same thing as leadership). And honor God by honoring, not degrading women.

And be blessed.

Pastor David

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