What Are You Worth?

We are a society that is all about the outside. We often judge people on their looks, their size, their clothes, and their bodies. Which is really silly, because while you may be really proud of your body today, there will come a day I Cor. 15:43 says, when your body will disappoint you. 

Everyone has had, or will have, that wonderful experience of standing in front of the mirror and thinking “my body disappoints me.” We do that, and we judge ourselves and think “I’ve got a bad body, so I’m just not worth much.” That is bad math. 

Bad math = Bad grade
BAD MATH: Looks = Worth  
Not just bad math, its dumb math. 

Maybe you heard of the international model who died in August 2006 after starving herself for several days. Died of heart failure. She is the just the latest of many women who are victims of a culture that says your worth, your value, is based on your looks. The United States leads the world in deaths caused by eating disorders. Estimated that about 18% of women with anorexia will die prematurely. 

There are good health reasons for weight control. Long life, energy, feeling better. But the idea that your size, waistline, thighs, wrinkles or lack of, equals your worth, is lie from the pit of hell.  The bottom line in your worth is based on what someone is willing to pay for you. 
GOOD MATH: What someone is willing to pay for you = Your Worth

In a market economy, value is determined by what someone is willing to pay for something. Exxon stock isn’t worth what you think its worth. It isn’t worth what I think its worth. Its worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. 

You are worth what someone is willing to pay for you.
You aren’t worth what you think you’re worth. You aren’t worth what your mother or your father or even I think your worth. At the end of the day, what anyone “thinks” is really meaningless. You are worth what someone is willing to pay for you. That’s where the rubber meets the road.

So what is it? What is someone willing to pay for you? What is someone willing to part with, to own you? To have you? To hold onto you?
1 Peter 1.18, the Lord says He didn’t redeem you with perishable things like silver or gold. You’re not worth silver or gold. To God, that’s cheap throwaway stuff. You’re worth much more than that. The Father says that the price He was willing to pay for you – was the precious blood of His Son. The Father looks at you, and declares – you are worth the life of His Son. 

Whatever adjectives you are others use to describe yourself – fat—skinny, young—old, winner—loser, successful—failure, handsome—homely, glamorous—plain, none of that is indicative of your value. Only this is – the Creator of heaven and earth – of the cosmos – has proven your worth – when He gave His Son on a blood stained cross. You are precious to God. That is what you are worth.

Share this with someone who needs to hear it today.
Pastor David

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