This One Thing Can Really Ruin Your Life

Things I learned from movies and TV:

  • Guns are disposable. Like chewing gum. If you run out of bullets, throw it away. You can always get another. 
  • The more a man or woman hate each other, the more likely they’ll fall in love. That’s how I knew marriage was in the cards with my wife – I loathed her and found her repulsive.      JOKING! Only in the movies.
  • If you decide to start dancing in the street, everyone you meet will know all the steps.
  • If you wear glasses and something unbelievable happens, it is always necessary to take off your glasses so you can see the event more clearly.
  • Killer loose in the house? Fill the bathtub. Look in the bathroom mirror. The killer will appear in the reflection, right behind you. Drawback of this technique: you die.

“Just open the door a crack. I have some candy to give you.
 I promise I  won’t hurt you. Really promise. Cross my heart
and hope you die…I mean hope to die!”

And (this is important and the point of this frivolity)…if a crazed maniac drooling like a dog with rabies is knocking on the door, the woman at the house will always, always, ALWAYS crack the door open so said maniac can jam his foot in the door, force his way inside and cause all kinds of mayhem and destruction!

 YOU’D NEVER DO THAT IN REAL LIFE (all caps does mean I’m yelling in this case because this is insane). You’d leave the door closed, get the shotgun, call the police! Because to open the door would be unsafe and senseless and self-destructive

And yet in the SAME WAY, when we allow unforgiveness in our lives – we give Satan a foothold in our soul and spirit –with which he can cause destruction and mayhem and rain great torment down on us. THAT’S what you’re doing when you allow unforgiveness in your life – you’re letting a madman in through the front door whose goal is to destroy you!

Unforgiveness can ruin your life.
And everyone struggles with it at some point. Everyone.

Unforgiveness will weigh down your life like nothing else. In fact Jesus hammers on forgiveness. Jesus seems to get more upset about unforgiveness than just about any other sin, except self-righteousness (and that little thing about corrupting God’s house. He did chase people with whips and turn over tables then). 

In Matthew 18, Jesus tells the story of a servant who owes the king the equivalent of MILLIONS of dollars. The king is going to sell the servant and his family into slavery. Servant tells the king to he’ll repay it. SHEESH. Where’s he gonna get that much coin!?!?

But the King forgives the debt! The servant sings! He dances! He has a HUGE party with all his servant friends! WRONG. He runs out and CHOKES a friend who owes him a little money, and has him thrown into jail.

King finds out. 
King has servant thrown into prison.
King has servant tortured until the debt is repaid. 
Jesus says “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart.” Matthew 18:35 (NIV). 
Jesus is so NOT pc. 

From that simple story told by Jesus, it’s safe to say you cannot overstate how much God hates unforgiveness, especially in those who have been forgiven. 

Mayhem is funny, if it’s the guy in the All State commercial. If it’s mayhem in your soul by giving the devil a foot in the door with unforgiveness, it will eat you alive.

So. What to do? There are a million resources on forgiveness. You’re smart. You can find them. 

But it all starts with a prayer and a commitment of the heart:  “God, just as you forgave me, I forgive. Help me in my unforgiveness (Mark 9:24). And pray that every day, every moment that unforgiveness raises its head. For as long as it takes (moments, days, weeks, months, years).

You can forgive. With God’s help. He will never demand you do something that He won’t empower you to do. 

Be sure and pass this along to anyone you think may benefit from it. 

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