When I Got In A Fight At Denny’s (Embrace Uncertainty)

Bovine what?!?!?”

Some of you are having offspring of the bovine persuasion over those words “embrace” and “uncertainty” being placed together. 

I was at Denny’s a while back, early in the morning. I was sitting next to the window with someone, and I noticed a man across the way  talking extremely loud. We’ll call him “Trouble”. 

After a few minutes I began to catch Trouble’s words. He was tossing around every profanity imaginable. I looked at my breakfast partner and we both said “we kind of need to do something.” We’re feeling pretty convicted that we can’t just sit there as this guy offends everyone in the restaurant. My heart is starting to race, and I’m feeling a little uncomfortable about the uncertainty (there’s that word) of the potential outcome of this situation.

Then an older gentleman sitting near him says something to him, and Trouble lets loose a verbal assault on the man that really cannot stand.

Thought I was down for the count.

I walk over to Trouble, and I say very quietly, almost in a whisper, “I’m a pastor, but if you don’t shut your mouth and quit offending all these nice people, I’m going punch you in the brain.” He jumps up and hammers me to the table, I’m flailing around like a fish on hot cement. Everyone is yelling “Fight! Fight!” The other diners are throwing money down on bets and I’m the 10 to 1 loser! The manager is doing color commentary like Howard Cosell. It’s a regular fight club!

At least that’s how it played out in my mind.

What actually happened. While we’re still sitting at our table, the older gentleman jumps up and heads around the corner. He’s back in about 2 seconds and in a raised voice points at Trouble and barks out “What did you say to me?” Trouble shoots back with a machine gun barrage of profanity, as a police officer with arms like steel cables appears behind the older gentleman. The officer’s angry and yelling “You stop it right now you can’t do that” and he’s all over Trouble like stink on a goat, as three of his cop buddies round the corner to help out.

And it is AWESOME! Trouble is caught in the act and justice is served.

What’s the difference between me and the older gentleman?

The older gentleman knew WHO was around the corner. That made all the difference in the world.

The point is this: God knows what’s around the corner, but even more than that – GOD is around the corner, around the bend, up there in the future in that land we call “uncertainty“. And He is always able to take care of business.

So in a very real way, you don’t have to embrace uncertainty. Instead, in the face of what SEEMS like uncertainty, believe in and embrace a fantastic God so tightly, that you don’t have to fear what’s up ahead or around the corner.

Peter walked on the water. Eleven other stayed on the boat. Why did Peter get out of the boat? Because that’s where Jesus was

Want to be where Jesus is? Get out of the boat of your security, your comfort, and get in the uncertain waters of life and risk – that’s where Jesus is.

Jesus said, “Come.” So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus.Matthew 14:29.

Uncertainty? Risk? Jesus says “Come on in. The waters fine”.

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