There is a War for Your Worship

There is a war for your worship. And it’s been going on since the beginning of creation.

It’s a common theme among worshipers of Christ:

  • If we’re going to have family drama, it’s going to happen on Sunday morning.
  • If there are going to be problems, they will be on Sunday morning.
  • Monday through Friday I can hit the ground running at 5:00, get the kids ready for school, get out the door at 7:00 am to make a buck, but Sunday – it’s soooooo hard to get to church on time at 10:30. 
  • I’m never late for my job (or school or a workout) – but I’m always late for church. I don’t get it!

It should be no surprise. In fact, it should be expected. There is a war for your worship. And it’s a war engineered by Satan. And until you determine to win this war, you can expect an impotent, weak Christian walk. You won’t experience that “total abandonment to His care.”

It was Satan’s big temptation for Christ. He shows Jesus all the kingdoms of the world, and says “I’ll give you all of these, if you’ll just bow down and worship me.” Jesus denies him. Says “You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only will you serve.” 

Now Satan knows Jesus is no fool. He’s not going to deceive Jesus into worshiping him. So he has to do the full frontal assault. And in response, Jesus says that The Most Important Thing is Worship.

Jesus is even asked one time what the most important commandment is and He says Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Mark 12:30    

And yes, we are to worship God every moment of every day. But for 2000 years, the primary outward expression of true blue worshipers of Jesus Christ, as led by His own disciples, has been to gather together corporately to worship on the day that He arose. In fact, meet someone who doesn’t worship on Sunday morning (in a free country like ours), and you’ll find a lot of other areas that worship is not going on.

And so it should come as no surprise that the first line of attack will be Sunday morning. If Satan can keep you from worshiping on Sunday morning, by making you late, making it a morning of frustration, or keep you from doing it at all, then keeping worship out of your heart and mind the rest of the week is straight up a slam dunk.

Think about this way. What other time in the week is an hour or so set aside to do nothing but focus my heart’s affection and my mind’s attention on God? For most people, there is none. So if I can’t find the time and energy to focus on Him for one hour on Sunday morning, the probability that I’ll actually worship Him during work or school or business meetings or homework or any other time during the week…is infinitesimally small. Worship on Sunday “primes” me to worship the rest of the week.

There is a war for your worship. And half the battle is realizing there is a battle.

The other half is cooperating with your heavenly Father to win it. And His “ground zero” for worship is and always has been the local church. What an awesome extravagant blessing to live in a country where thriving, Bible-believing churches abound. I always say “you don’t have to go to my church, but you gotta go to church.”

Worship is this: loving God with my heart (my affection for Him), my head (my attention on Him) and my hands (my life lived to serve Him). 

I can guarantee this based on God’s Word: if you will make worship a priority in your life, above everything else – make it the standard of your life, you’ll say this time next year, “I love Jesus more, I know Him better, and I feel safer in His hands, than I did this time last year.”

Be blessed,

David Ruzicka

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