Waving the Rainbow Flag and Declaring Christ? Five Points to Consider:


Repeated Disclaimer: I can’t wordsmith this so that everyone who wants to defend their lifestyle isn’t offended. So before you call me a hater and small minded bigot – understand this: I’ve spent a lot of time in my life ministering to people in the worst of situations. I have loved people you might deem unlovable.  I’ve spent time in prisons, time in far away parts of the globe, just to encourage men and women, share Christ’s love with them, help them and minister to them.  I’m just contrasting what our culture is saying with what God’s Word says, so if the best you can do is call names, save your breath (and I’d still welcome the opportunity to talk to you about Jesus and His great sacrifice for you).

From the rainbow flags being waved by folks I thought were Christians, there seems to be confusion around the question: Is Christianity compatible with the practice of homosexuality or same-sex marriage? 

In the area of same-sex marriage, there are some ideas that are completely at odds with simple Bible-based Christianity (the only other kind of Christianity is what we make up ourselves). Here they are:

1. The appropriation of the rainbow as symbolizing gay pride. 
I’m truly amazed by this. It’s what you call “trying to poke your finger in the eye of God”.

The rainbow is one of the oldest Christian and Jewish symbols, representing God’s promise to Noah in Genesis 9:15 that “Never again will the floodwaters destroy all life”.

If anyone takes a sacred Jewish or Christian symbol and says it represents their pride in (what the Bible calls) sin, that should be a giant warning sign that this is not a movement of God.

2. The concept of “gay pride” itself.
Hint: any time you see the word “pride” connected to anything that just might possibly be a little questionable, run! Why? Simply because:

God is at war with all pride. 
He actually says He hates it. Prov. 8:13

The word pride or proud appears in the Bible over 100 times and is NEVER, EVER used in a favorable way. It is ALWAYS negative (link).

It’s associated with arrogance and conceit and self sufficiency.

James 4:5 “God opposes the proud.” Nebuchadnezzar had pride in his great kingdom. For a minute. And God took his mind and sent him wandering insanely in the wilderness like a cow (Daniel 4).

Embracing a concept that God loathes (pride), is a good indication this is not a movement of God.

3. The practice of homosexuality.
This is elementary. The Bible’s communication on this is simple and clear. The practice of homosexuality and same-sex marriage is sin.

God never stutters. He doesn’t say one thing when He means another. He’s never confused words for each other. But looking at the verbal gymnastics that folks go through to try to justify homosexuality with the Bible, you’d think that God was an illiterate who can’t spit out a coherent sentence.

And according to the Bible (the basis of Christianity) homosexuality is a sin, like adultery or stealing or lying.

Romans 1:26-27 is a complete repudiation of homosexuality. Need more? Leviticus. 20:13, Leviticus 18:22 (but that OT-it’s gone man! Oh-so you reject Leviticus 18:21 about not offering your kids in the fire as a sacrifice too?). How about 1 Corinthians 6:9,1 Timothy 1:10. God wrote all of that. He’s clear. Even in creation He places a natural order: heavens-earth, dark-light, land-seas, man-woman. Jesus even quoted the creation account in Matthew 19, stating that a “man shall leave mother and father and hold fast to his wife.” And of course the entire Bible is the Word of God representing Jesus’ beliefs.

God’s also clear that every single person has sinned, and there is forgiveness for homosexuality just like there is for every other sin. He’s clear that the hope for every man, woman and child, is salvation through Jesus Christ. His desire is that none should perish, but that everyone come to repentance – 2 Peter 3:9. But you have to come to repentance. Which means you have to get to that starting place that you agree with Him that it’s sin.

4. Today, homosexuality is a sin like no other.
As a friend told me the other day: if I lie, I’m a liar. If I steal, I’m thief. If I cheat on my wife, I’m an adulterer. I feel bad and no one celebrates my sin. But if I engage in homosexuality, I get a parade. And if anyone calls it sin, they get run out of town (figuratively for now, although Mr. Sulu (link) would like to change that for Clarence Thomas).

Homosexuality is the one sin that is paraded, prided, and promoted at every level of society.

5. A totalitarian intolerance of dissent. 
Marriage, for the Christian, is a uniquely religious ceremony. More than two people coming together, it also represents Christ’s relationship with His church. So for the Christian to participate in a same-sex marriage would be to demand he or she violate their conscience.

But that is exactly the demand across the country. 

The same-sex marriage movement is not unlike the Borg. The Borg, from the Star Trek series, would assimilate you into the collective, make you part robot and you would lose all personal identity. Their motto is “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

There have been cases all across the country, from Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, to the the cancellation of the the Benham Brothers HGTV show, to flower shops, bakeries and photographers being fined and attacked with a torrent of violent and profane vitriol (and in some cases threats of arson and murder-link) because they refused to violate their conscience and participate in what is an inherently religious ceremony.

Anytime a group refuses to tolerate dissent, whether it’s the same-sex marriage movement, the KKK, or Isis (all want to outlaw freedom and punish dissenters), that’s a clear sign it’s not a movement of God (and yes, I include violent “Christian” movements of the past like burning witches and the Spanish Inquisition – obviously NOT movements of God).

But David! Those are just a few crazies. You’d be wrong. The movement is against Christianity and Christians: 

  1. 1 in 5 people in the US believe that the church should be FORCED to perform same-sex marriages (link).
  2. Companies that cater weddings, must cater same-sex weddings even if it’s against their religious beliefs regarding this religious ceremony. Disobey and you will be out of business.
  3. The Atlanta fire chief was fired for expressing Christian beliefs regarding homosexuality (link).
  4. Time Magazine printed an article arguing that now that we have the same-sex marriage thing in the bag, it’s time to hit the churches in the wallet and take away their nonprofit status (link).

Bottom line: the crushing of religious expression is a clear sign that this is not a movement of God. 

So to recap, popular culture says: 

1. Rainbow means homosexual pride, not promise of God;
2. Pride is a virtue, not a sin warned of by God;
3. Homosexuality is pure and holy;
4. Homosexuality is to be celebrated;
5. Dissent is NOT allowed and must be crushed.

If 1 through 5 is true, then the Bible is false, and so is Jesus (we know about Jesus, His teachings and beliefs from the Bible. No Bible, no Jesus). 

To say “I’m for Jesus” and “I’m for same-sex marriage” is a nonsensical statement because Jesus is against every one of those points. One caveat: if you make up your own Jesus and own Bible, none of this applies.

So pick a side. Choose this day who you will serve. If it’s Jesus, do it honestly, up front, and embrace all He is and all He says. If it’s same-sex marriage, do it honestly and declare that you’re not buying what Jesus is selling.

Then, whichever side you choose, let’s have a talk about this Really Good News that Jesus brings to all sinners, whether their sins be lying, stealing, adultery, homosexuality, or pride. He is the Good News in a world bombarded with bad news of murder, terrorism and hatred. He is the hope of the world.

You’re “shares”, “tweets”, comments, etc, are always appreciated!

7 thoughts on “Waving the Rainbow Flag and Declaring Christ? Five Points to Consider:

  1. Thank you for sharing pastor David! This confusion and misunderstanding of words is ridiculous in our society. Even colleges that supposedly have Christian affiliations are starting to go along with this senseless and very liberal lifestyle. It's sad and I pray for my friends that are gay and the ones that are Christian and support this movement.


  2. I look at this, and I am just utterly stupefied at the ignorance. First off, if you say that gay pride is sinful, than so is Christian pride, white pride, american pride, state pride, southern pride, etc. etc. etc. (and, conversely, if you maintain that those are not sinful then neither is gay pride. Second, this is a country of laws, where government employees are required to obey the Constitution and the Supreme Courts interpretation, the same goes with businesses that operate in states with LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinances. Third, the nature of homosexuality in the time of Paul was one of lust and pedophilia, rather than the love and commitment that many in the LGBT community share with their partners (frankly, heterosexual's have totally destroyed the sanctity of marriage far beyond anything the gay community can do, and don't get me started on the heterosexual divorce rate). Fourth, yes, Leviticus states that homosexuality is a sin. Leviticus also states that women are to be virgins, that eating non-kosher is a sin, that wearing clothes of mixed fabrics is also a sin, as is getting a tattoo, or a bowl-cut, or murder, or theft, or coveting your neighbor's stuff, or working on the sabbath, etc. etc. etc. Jesus also commands that Christians are not to judge (and those that do are going to hell), and that Christians are to demonstrate Christian charity, which requires one to love your brothers and sisters without exception and without hesitance (doing so, again, is a sin that is hell-worthy). If you are going to write an article, do so with the intention of acting in a Christian manner. Do not do it with the intention, as you did, of acting in the place of God (he's God, he doesn't need your help).


  3. Thanks for commenting! Of course I disagree with just about everything you said from a Biblical and/or historical perspective (that's to be expected right?).

    I am confused about what was not “Christian” in the post. I was very careful not use hyperbole or ad hominem attacks.

    And I agree with you about Christian love, although I think you confuse judgment and discernment and speaking truth in love – there's a great article here that explains all of that: http://www.gotquestions.org/do-not-judge.html

    I must conclude that I'm surprised you end with statement against judgment and Christian charity, but start your comment that you are “utterly stupefied at the ignorance”. I have to point out that by your definition that seems like a very judgmental statement.

    I appreciate you reading and commenting. And I honestly pray that Christ's great and extravagant grace will be yours.


  4. I agree with what you wrote but must state that there is no difference between your sin of pride, the sin of adultery, or even murder and the sin of homosexuality. What I don't like is the homosexual community pushing their sinful beliefs on Christians. And what the heck is wrong with the Supreme Court??? I thought there was a conservative majority in the court!


  5. Amen, again I say Amen! Thank you for taking a stand, in all this mindlessness. God bless you and your family. I think any Christian in this country needs to stand up in order to be ready for the coming flood. It is time to takethe rainbow back. God gave the Rainbow to the righteous people left after the first Flood, to promise thatthere would not be a second one. He didnt give it to be used as a flag to gay people.


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