Rudolph, Godzilla & Spiritual Heat

Are you spiritually dead? Or alive? You can look like you’re full of life, but be dead inside.

Consider these earth shattering illustrations:

1. Rudolph. The Red-Nosed reindeer. Not allowed to play ANY reindeer games. He looks 100% alive. But he’s not! He’s a little puppet/model thing, only four inches tall. Even more disturbing? His show (an American original), made in 1964, was filmed, not at the North Pole, but was FILMED ENTIRELY IN JAPAN!!!! In fact, Rankin/Bass (an American company) produced many of its specials in Japan! That means there’s a good chance Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (like a Bruce Lee movie) is speaking Japanese and is having the English dialogue dubbed in! Christmas will never be the same. My world is crumbling.

But…Rudolph wasn’t alive.

Best. Movie. Ever. Apparently smoking was allowed on set.

2. Another Japanese import: Godzilla. Looked like a living, breathing dinosaur/nuclear
freak/ lizard/whatever he was, but not alive at all. Actually a man in a 200-pound suit. When the man took a smoke break or went home at the end of the day, it was a lifeless costume, made to look real.

Both looked like they are full of life! But no life at all. And in the same way, in Revelation 3 Jesus says to the church at Sardis, “I know all the things you do, and that you have a reputation for being alive—but you are dead. Wake up!

What about you? Spiritually would you say you’re alive? Or dead? I don’t mean are you born again. You can be born again and have a relationship with Jesus that has grown old and stale – like a corpse. A cold, lifeless faith, with a past, maybe a great one, but no future, because it’s a faith that grown cold as a corpse.

How can you be “spiritually alive?”

One of the best ways I know? Hang around people who are spiritually alive. 

Find some people who are on fire and  excited and fired up about Jesus
and get up close to them.

Have you noticed? We easily take on the attributes of the people we spend the most time with.

I knew a girl years ago. We’ll call her Gerda Thudpucker. Did a semester in London and came back with a full-on British accent. I’m thinking, “you’ve lived 252 months in Texas, you spend three months in London and you come back speaking like you’re a subject of the Queen? You’re a Texan!” Crazy stuff.

But the truth is if your confidantes/best friends/pals/best buddies/the people you spend all of your time with:

a. Are boring, chances are you’ll be boring.

b. Have no regard for Jesus, you may begin to have no regard for Jesus too.

c. Are profane, you may become profane too.

c. Are drug users, there’s a high probability you’ll become a drug user.

d. Are clowns in the circus, pretty soon you may find yourself wearing big floppy shoes with paint all over your face.

We become what (and who) we surround ourselves with. 

Bad company corrupts good character. I Cor. 15:33

You cannot have all of your heart-to-heart relationships with spiritually dead people and expect to live a thriving life with Jesus.

“But David! Shouldn’t I hang out with folks who are far from God?
And folks who’s faith has grown cold so that I can encourage them?”

Absolutely. That’s Jesus’ command! But you go there to be Jesus to them.  You’re not there to be like them, you’re there to love like Jesus, act like Jesus and be like Jesus for them.

But if you want a faith that never lets up, never lets go, and never gives up, stick close to folks who have faith that never lets up, never lets go and never gives up.

You are blessed.



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