Easter: What’s Lassie Saying?

lassieAs we approach Easter, I’m thinking about how truly remarkable it is that God would send His Son to die for you and me. He is BIG, and we are small.

Did you know that humans are the only beings in creation that have the ability to communicate to God, or are even aware of His presence? Rocks aren’t talking, plants don’t care, and animals aren’t aware of God’s presence.

Remember Lassie? Timmy would say to Lassie, “What is it, girl? What are you trying to say??” Sometimes people look at a barking dog and ask, “I wonder what that dog is thinking?”

I’ll tell you what Lassie is saying and what your dog is thinking – it’s all the same! It’s “bark bark bark” or if he’s bilingual he’s thinking “ruff ruff bark bark bark!” What were you thinking? “Maybe Lassie’s trying to give a lecture on quantum physics or electrodynamics????” No way! She’s a dog!

Only humans, made in the image of God, have the ability to communicate like God and the ability to communicate to God. And that He actually cares to listen is extremely significant.

In our culture, we make the grand assumption that EVERYONE should listen to us – especially God. That’s why some folks post every inane activity of their day on Facebook.

“I’m doing the laundry! I’m driving to work! Drinking a chai…mmm mmm good. 

And I’m posting this because its soooo significant and so different than what everyone else is doing today, and EVERYONE wants to hear about it!”

No. Everyone doesn’t. Everyone doesn’t want to hear about my day. Or yours! Which makes it all the more remarkable that God would.

Think of it this way – I don’t listen to ants. In fact, I take great joy I killing them. Ortho and I are great friends. And as a kid, I remember the time a friend and I realized that when you light a plastic bread bag on fire, it drops little plastic burning bombs…like mini-napalm! So what did we do? We started fire bombing ants! And we loved it!

I love the smell of burning ants in the morning. It smells like…victory.

And knowing ants as I do today, I don’t feel any guilt about it! And as an adult, because ants are so small and insignificant, I pretty much don’t think about them at all unless they bite me.

So consider the contrast:
I take great joy in killing ants.

God takes great joy in loving me (and you).

I’m disinterested in small and insignificant things.

God takes great interest in me (and you).

That’s not to be expected –it defies reason! We’re just not that special. You say “I’m one in a million!” No no no – you’re one of 6 billion. And yet…God has great love for you.

And whereas your husband or wife at times will ignore you or people will forget you, God listens to the prayers of His people and He never forgets them.

And so great is His love, that while we were sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5:8

While something as insignificant as an ant draws my scorn and ire when it’s at war with me, when I was at war with God in sin, He loved me so much, that His Son died in my place.

And that my friend, is truly, truly remarkable.

Praise God for Easter. He’s quite fond of you.


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