And Jesus is a Liar?

“Banned Phrases” is a recurring and fantastic feature here at They are phrases that are oft repeated, and either: annoying (i.e. the word “yummy” when uttered by an adult male) and/or ignorant (here). So I, the king of quite alot (ok – king of nothing) have banned them!

Today’s Banned Phrase: “There are many great religions.”

Bernie Sanders referred to this most recently. He said, “Every great religion in the world — Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism —essentially comes down to do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.”

He lost me at “every great religion.”

“Every great religion,” is a ridiculous statement. All religions (except univeralism) have mutually exclusive beliefs. Which means that they can’t all be true. You cannot be “great” and “untrue.”

“I believe that the moon is made of cheese.” That’s not a great belief. That’s an ignorant belief. Why? Because it’s untrue.

Budha didn’t worship Jesus, Hindus don’t worship Jesus. And Mohammed? He didn’t worship Jesus. None think that Jesus is the Messiah sent to atone for the sins of the world. So one of those is untrue. Untrue is not great.

Either, “Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is King,” or not. If, at the end of the age, every mouth really will confess Jesus is King, then Christianity is the great religion. If not, then Christianity is a lie, a con job, a deceitful scam and millions have gone to their death believing a lie. And Jesus is the biggest liar of all. 


Approximately seventy million people have been martyred since Jesus walked the earth. That means they were killed for their faith. So if Jesus is not the Messiah, approximately seventy million people gave their lives for a lie.

One person dying for a lie is a gross injustice and a horrible tragedy. Seventy million dying for a lie is many horrible things, and great isn’t one of them. 

I believe the “all great religions” statement is a ruse by Satan to blur the lines so that people feel no urgency to seek out truth. And truth is in short supply these days.

I would urge you to reject the “many great religions” statement as illogical and uneducated. Seek out truth, and wherever it leads you, and when you find it – give your life to it and embrace it. It was Jesus Himself who said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

God Speed,

Pastor David

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