Some things will NEVER happen unless you do this…

aaaaaaaaGod is completely, absolutely sovereign. Meaning He is absolutely in control of everything in the universe. He’s the boss. No ifs, ands, or buts.

If that’s true, WHY PRAY? God’s gonna do what God’s gonna do, so it doesn’t matter if I pray. There is no point, right?


God has also ordained that there are some things in life that will NEVER happen unless…we pray. 

Two Examples:

While Moses is on Mount Sinai for 40 days getting the 10 Commandments, the people think he must be dead or gone. His brother, Aaron, takes gold from the people and makes a golden calf to worship. So God tells Moses, “I’m gonna wipe out these stiff necked people and I’ll make a whole new nation from you Moses” (remember: they’re worshiping a golden calf AFTER God delivered them from 400 years of slavery. So starting with a whole new round of people sounds reasonable to me).

Moses asks God to spare them. And, Exodus 32:14 “The LORD relented from the disaster He had spoken of bringing on His people.”

What changed?!?!?!

I read the passage over and over. And the only thing that changed is this: Moses asked

Exodus 33 God says, “Go to the land flowing with milk and honey, but I can’t go with you. Because you are such a stiff-necked and rebellious people I would surely wipe you out.”  They actually repent.They go into mourning, stop wearing their jewelry and fine clothes, and Moses says to God “if You don’t go with us, don’t make us leave this place.” Basically, he’s saying “God, if we can’t have You, we don’t want Your goodies.” Wise man, that Moses.

And God says to Moses, “OK. I’ll do what you’ve asked. I’ll go with you.” Ex 33:17

What changed?!?!?!

I read the passage several times. And the only thing that changed is this: Moses asked

God is sovereign. In heaven there are only plans, never panic. God is in control. And God has sovereignly ordained that some things will never happen unless we ask.

God wrote a book. And in His book, because Moses asked:

a. He did not destroy the Israelites.
b. He went with them into the Promised Land.

And He says in James 4:2 “You have not because you ask not.”

Now the rest of the verse says to some of those who ask and don’t receive it’s because they ask with wrong motives – to satisfy their selfish, self-seeking self-centered desires. And of course, God will sometimes say no because it wouldn’t be in our best interest or it’s not in line with His better plans.

But don’t miss the big point. Are you asking?

IF God, who is rich in mercy and love and compassion, has made it so that our prayers change things –

it would be foolish,
and unwise not to pray.

Why does He do that? Simple.

Moses knew God because Moses experienced God. As in, Moses asked, God delivered. Over and over and over. So Moses knew God as the great rescuer, and the God, who delivers.

You ask. God delivers. When He delivers, you come to experience and know Him as the great rescuer. You come to experience Him as the great provider. You come to experience Him as the One, who loves you and cares for you as a father cares for his child.

So ask. And rest well.


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