Need Staggering Results?

PoohI love Winnie the Pooh and I’m not giving up my Man Card because of it!!  He really does have so many great quotes. If you’re gonna take my Man Card, you better come up with a better reason. Like the fact that I love the latest version of Cinderella. Who wouldn’t?? It’s MAGICAL.

But anyway – it really IS off-putting when you lose your way.

Maybe you’ve lost your way at some point. man card

You look around and observe your surroundings and think, “Wait! I wasn’t supposed to be here! I was supposed to be wayyyyyyy over there. How did this happen?”

Might be in a  small way. No giant glaring sin. Just this unsettled feeling that you loved Jesus more or trusted Him more sometime in the past than you do now.

Or maybe you’ve lost your way in a BIG way. You’re MILES from where you intended to be now. And maybe it was sex, drugs and rock and roll or something like that. And you’re thinking, “how do I get WAY back over THERE where I wanted to be?”

There’s great little phrase if you need to know…

Small adjustments + strong commitments + timebig results.

FullSizeRender (2)
Found this online and am posting it for self-validation after Cinderella comments. 

Now absolutely God will call you to make some big adjustments. Count on it.

But consider this:

When aligning the wheels of a car, an extreme wheel alignment – for a car that will swerve across the lane into oncoming traffic, means a mechanical adjustment of half of an inch.

A half an inch is minute (as in tiny, not time)! Insignificant! Nobody measures half an inch as substantial!

And yet that half an inch is the difference between two tons of metal:

a. Smashing into oncoming traffic in the other lane or,
b. Going in a straight line down the highway.

That’s a “staggering” difference.

In the same way, some small adjustments in your life can have a great, great impact.

Many of us need some big results in our lives:

  1. Maybe your need your faith reinforced. It’s weak and faltering, and you’re just one big ball of stress and worry!
  2. Maybe you need your hope renewed. You are hanging on by a thread. Almost ready to give up.
  3. Maybe you need your love restored. In your marriage, friendships, in your kids. Maybe you need your love for Jesus restored.

Faith, hope, and love are big ticket items. And we may conclude, “I need to do something DRAMATIC to get back on track!”  But sometimes the answer lies in doing something small, faithfully, over a long period of time.

Dwight L. Moody – famous evangelist in the 1800s, founder of Moody Bible College. Look him up online and read about him. He said this:  “There are many of us that are willing to do great things for the Lord, but few of us are willing to do little things.” 

Look at your life. What are some small adjustments that you could make that would produce staggering long-term results?

We know that going from no exercise at all to hitting the gym for 45 minutes a day for ten years would produce staggering results. In the same way, small changes in our spiritual lives will produce staggering results.

It could be something as simple as taking 15 minutes every day to read God’s Word, or taking five minutes to talk to your Heavenly Father every day about your concerns, or affirming every day that you’re going to seek to know Christ better and love Him more.

Regarding daily effort and time, those are small changes.  And yet, they can produce staggering long-term results.

Consider a commitment to read God’s Word 15 minutes a day (the average person squanders four hours on TV and spends nine hours on electronics every day). God promises to those on the wrong path, that His Word will get you on the right path (Psalm 119:105). With that in mind, consider:

Just 15 minutes a day in God’s Word equals…
54,750 minutes or 13,687 hours over ten years.

Listening to God – for 13,000 hours over ten years, with a learning attitude, will produce STAGGERING results. Results like direction, peace, more love, less hate, more faith, less doubt, more hope.

That can mean the difference between misery and success, life and death. So what are you waiting for? Where do you need to make small adjustments to change the trajectory of your life? Anybody can do it, so get going!

There’s another little motivational saying that goes with this:

A year from now; you’ll be glad you started today.  

So let’s get going.

Amen amen.



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