A Sure Fire Way to Defeat the Devil

How do you do defeat the devil? I have some really stellar ideas! Check these out:

1.Garlic around your neck and a stake through his heart!
Oops. That’s vampires.unwre

2. A silver bullet!
Oops. Confused again. That’s werewolves.

3. A bullet or crossbow bolt in the head! Gotta destroy that brain!
Oh man…that’s zombies.

4. Vulcan death grip!
No good. You gotta be a Vulcan. And they are fantasy.


The truth might sound stranger than all that fiction. In the end, right before Armageddon (kind of like the Zombie Apocalypse but for real), God says this in Revelation 12:11, about some folks who defeat Satan: And they have defeated him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb, and by their testimony. And they did not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die.”

#2 in that passage would be would be “Go public with your testimony” – in person, on social media, everywhere! #3 would be “die to self, live for Christ.” But I want to focus on #1: they defeated Satan by “the blood of the Lamb.”

“By the blood of the Lamb” sounds a little weird out of context, and some folks make it even more bizarre.

You may have heard folks talk about “pleading the blood of Jesus.” “Jesus we plead the blood of Jesus over this problem. I plead the blood of Jesus for a new BMW. I plead the blood of Jesus for an anointing of cold hard cash.” That’s whacked.

You might as well pray, “Jesus I pray some magnificent voodoo over my problem,” because it’s just as much a magic formula as voodoo! It’s NOWHERE in the Bible. It’s pure rubbish.

What God means by the “Blood of the Lamb” is this:  Jesus shed His blood for you and me. 

When a soldier sheds his blood – it means he took a bullet.

In the Old Testament – the priest would offer a sacrifice animals for the sins of the people. The animal’s blood was shed.

In the same way, Jesus shed His blood for us. Jesus died for us. No magic blood. No strange voodoo. When you hear, “The blood of the Lamb” you should hear “Jesus gave up His life for me and my sin.”

By the blood of the lamb.

So How Do I Defeat Satan with the Blood of the Lamb?

When Satan accuses you and says you’re not good enough – you agree with him! You say, “That’s absolutely right. I’m not good enough! I’m not good enough for God. I’m not good enough for my wife/husband/kids/etc.! I’m not good enough for me! I’m not good enough.”

Then follow with this:
“But I’m not counting on my goodness or my awesomeness to make me worthy. If I am, then I’m doomed just like you are Satan! I’m counting on Jesus and the shedding of His blood – that washes away my (get this-it’s so good) ALL of my sin. Every bit!”

Jesus didn’t die to make really good people great.
Jesus didn’t die to make better people the best.
Jesus didn’t die to make average people excellent.
Jesus didn’t die to make adequate people above average.

Jesus shed His blood to make (these are straight from God so brace yourself)  wicked sinners, with nothing to offer, who are bound for hell

completely pure and forgiven and fit for heaven.


So when you hear that voice of accusation in your head, that voice that says, “God doesn’t want you, He’s not going to forgive you, you’re a trainwreck, you’re a mess, and you make Him sick!”, think of Ephesians 2:13, which goes like this:

But now you have been united with Christ Jesus…by what?
You’re sinless life?
You’re stellar acts of faith?
Your great witnessing ability?
But now you have been united with Christ Jesus… (here’s that phrase) through the blood of Christ.

So praise God!
I’m not good enough, but He is!
I’m not strong enough, but He is!
I’m not holy enough, but He is!
I’m not pure enough, but He is!
I’m not anything enough!
But His great love for me is more than enough, and saved me and keeps me saved.

Do you want to defeat Satan? You just keep telling that accusing voice, “I’m not enough. But Praise Jesus. He is. And He shed His blood for me, to make me not just good enough, but to make me most excellent.”

In Jesus, you are most excellent.

Amen, amen.


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