Antichrist: 12 Things to Know

When is the AntiChrist coming? Who is he? Is he alive right now? The Bible doesn’t tell us WHEN the Antichrist will come. In fact, it’s a secret, because it’s tied in with the second coming of Christ, and Jesus said no one but the Father knows when that will happen.

But…there are some things we CAN know, and probably should. Here’s 12 for you.

1.There are many “antichrists.” According to 1 John 2, anyone who denies Jesus as Christ is “an” antichrist.” Means they are “anti-Jesus.”

This make me so happy.

2. There is also a singular “Antichrist” who will rise to power during the Great
Tribulation   (according to 1 John 2 and Revelation 13).  He’s the supreme “anti-Jesus.” Whatever Jesus is, he’s the opposite.

Kind of like Bizarro Superman. He’s Bizarro Jesus. Meaning he’s not for you, but against you. Doesn’t love you, hates you. Doesn’t give you living water, but a dead soul. Doesn’t forgive your sins, but multiplies them. Doesn’t cast out demons, but wants to fill you with them. Doesn’t give you rest, but gives you turmoil. Doesn’t go to prepare a place for you, but will be sent to a place God prepared for him…hell.

And he wants you to join him.

3. His big chapter in the Bible is Revelation…wait for it…wait for it…13! As in, “Friday the 13th” and, unlucky number 13, and that disaster of a space journey (but an inspiring movie with Tom Hanks) Apollo 13! Is that amazing or am I the only one that thinks so?

So…if anyone asks you, “Where in the Bible is the Antichrist?” Just think, “what was that unlucky number? Number seven – no no it’s, ‘Come on lucky seven! I’m gambling the away diaper money!’ What about one –that would be snake eyes and sounds unlucky but I don’t think that’s it. What’s that movie about Friday? Freaky Friday, Friday Night Lights, FRIDAY THE 13TH!  That’s it!!  It’s in some book in the Bible, chapter 13.

Now you can always remember it. You’re welcome.

4. He won’t look like Eddie Munster or have a hairy werewolf face but will more than likely be very handsome, or at least have an appearance that makes you think, “what a great guy. I don’t why, but I like him (2 Cor. 11:4)!”

5. His name is probably not Damian. That’s from the book/movie, The Omen. Never saw it but knew about it because there was a kid in school with the same name who also happened to be stoned most of the time because of glue sniffing. So, of course, everyone in school made comments about the name. Because kids are kind and helpful.

6. He probably wasn’t born with a birthmark on his head that reads “666.” Can’t guarantee that. It just doesn’t say so anywhere in the Bible. He probably won’t have any explicitly Satanic identifying marks. That would make it hard to fool folks. “Hey, Beast! What’s that weird 666 unibrow you have going on there? Weird!”

Pretty confident this is NOT the antichrist. Just a goofy X-Men character.

7. People will not call him, “The Beast” or, “Antichrist.” He’ll have a regular name. The world will think he’s a wonderful, wonderful world leader who’s able to bless all of mankind.

8. He could be alive right now. He could be a teenager renting umbrellas on a beach, selling froyo,  or working at the car wash. At one point in his life, Adolf Hitler lived in a flop house. The man who would murder six million Jews and try to take over the world was once a nobody in a flop house.  Nobody would’ve guessed that young Adolf would get close to ruling the world.

And it’s the same with the Antichrist.

9. Obama is not the antichrist. Shocking for some I know. How do I know? Simple. The Antichrist will unify the world and be worshiped by the world. The President doesn’t seem to be unifying anyone right now, and I don’t think Putin (or the President of the Philippines-who just called Obama pretty harsh name) is worshiping our president anytime soon.

10. He will be miraculous. So much so that he will imitate Christ’s death and resurrection. He’ll be mortally wounded, but recover or be revived and all the world will be amazed and follow him (see Revelation 13).

11. He’ll persecute and murder Christians. Persecution has happened before but this time, it will be on a worldwide scale.

12. He will give people hope and they will love him. They will follow him. And they will worship him. At the beginning of his reign, he will appear to be the savior of the world.  And people will think he’s like a god. 

How can people be so deceived you ask? Deceiving people is easy. Right now, some
12.9 MILLION people dfsabelieve that “shape-shifting alien reptilian people control our world by taking on human form.” I think that’s hilarious until one of them moves in next door…just saying.

But that belief is just a result of people being ignorant, crazy, gullible, or all three. The Antichrist will be empowered by Satan himself, and everyone who has not embraced Christ will have no protection from his power of deceit. Their minds will be given over to his leadership.

So what are you going to do? How do you keep from following the Antichrist?
Stake through the heart? Silver bullet? Garlic around your neck? No no no.

The best and only protection against the Antichrist is to embrace and follow Jesus with your life, and follow Him by obeying His Word. Do that and you’ll know the real thing (Christ) so well, you won’t be confused by a counterfeit like the Antichrist.

One more way that Jesus…will make it worth your while.

Amen, amen.


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