Day After Election Word

Great word from Alan Hatfield. Alan is a member of my church, pastor, and chaplain at Fort Bend County Jail. And a wise man

From Alan:

There are a lot of decisions our new President will have to make. We as Christians need to be still praying on our knees that God will give him the wisdom to lead our nation. We still need God to heal our nation. The Bible says that, “Righteousness exalts a nation.” We must repent and start living and loving as Jesus would have us do. This was only the first step in getting someone in there that was not anti-God. Let’s do our part and keep looking to Jesus for our help and strength. Stay on your knees and pray.

Amen amen.

One thought on “Day After Election Word

  1. Excellent advice. We also need to pray for Christ’s Church to be restored to is fullness, God’s saints to be better equipped for ministry, for marriage and families to understand and practice their Godly roles and responsibilities. It’s We the People that are supposed to be the sovereigns of this nation and we’ve abdicated that position for the false security and comfort of statism. It is totally incumbent upon us to be the moral and religious people that John Adams said we must to keep a constitutional republic. May God bless this nation with renewal.


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