Miracle Cure for just about EVERYTHING!

What if I told you that you could live longer, breathe easier, get rid of depression, your wife would enjoy sex more, and your kids would be less likely to do drugs or commit suicide IF you just eat one pound of special dirt from South America twice a week, at the cost of $500 a month? 

Some of you would be running up to me with a spoon in one hand and $500 cash in the other hand.

Well, it’s your lucky day! I’m Crazy David, and I’m smashing prices! I’m going to give you the miracle cure for JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING!

And it won’t cost you $500.

It won’t cost you $400.

It won’t even cost you $100!

Today only…because I’m a little bit crazy, here’s the all-inclusive price: about two hours of your time each week.

But before you go, I’m throwing in the following:

  • I’ll increase your average life expectancy by an average of 33 percent!
  • I’ll dramatically reduce your kid’s use and risk from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs!
  • I’ll dramatically lower your risk of suicide!
  • I’ll help you cope better with stress, heal faster from illnesses and help you rebound from depression 70% faster than the average yahoo. You don’t want to be AVERAGE, do you???


  • I’ll dramatically reduce your kids’ risk for committing a crime!
  • I’ll improve their attitude at school and increase their school participation!
  • I’ll reduce their risk for rebelliousness!
  • I’ll reduce the likelihood that your kids will binge drink in college!
  • And I’ll improve your odds for a self-described “very happy” life (don’t worry, be happy).

Before I tell you the secret, I want to note that proof of the above is found in the following publications (click links for articles). 

Institute for Natural Healing
NY Times
Wall Street Journal
Today (website of the Today show)
Live Science
Wall Street Journal again
Rolling Stone Magazine (paragraph four will absolutely shock you)

Here’s the big secret (dramatic drum roll please):

Weekly church attendance. 

Wait. Wut?

Ok…I’ll type it out again (full disclosure: actually cut and pasted):

Weekly church attendance. 

David, I have to be honest, I’m…underwhelmed. I was expecting something mythical or magical or mysterious.

I understand completely. It does seem too easy. But it is what it is! Weekly church attendance.

It’s not how religious you say you are. Not how much you say you love God. Not how often you say pray.

There’s actually a statistical correlation between getting your posterior out of your bed and into a church on a weekly basis, and all kinds of good things like longer life, fewer drugs, better sex and better kids.


And you can verify that with research from: Duke University, Indiana University, The University of Michigan, The Center for Disease Control, Barna Research Group, Gallup, Pew, and the National Institute for Healthcare Research.

Google “benefits of church attendance.” You’ll get over 600,000 results.

Go back and read the list of benefits above. It’s quite impressive.

But how can that be?

It really makes sense. God set the standard for weekly worship (Exodus 20:8, Hebrews 10:25)– and anytime you obey God you’ll be blessed.  But more even more than that, it shouldn’t be surprising that when we take the time to physically orient our schedule AND bodies around the King of the universe, it will affect our physical life.

A lot of folks say they love God, love Jesus, but prove that words are cheap because they just don’t have to time to physically get their bodies in a house of worship and worship Him.

Try that with your kids. “I love you little Mortimer. I’ll see you in a 2018. Kind of busy this year.”

Little Mortimer will understand better than most that words are cheap. And God is MORE clued in than Mort.

When we orient our lives around God, placing Him at the center, and refocus on Him weekly, in obedience to Him, it also shouldn’t be surprising that life would radically and dramatically improve. And so do we.

Do I think you ought to do more than that? Absolutely. I think you should be a fully devoted follower of Christ. But this is a great starting point that will bless you and your family.

So worship weekly. You’ll never know this side of heaven the trainwreck you’re saving yourself and your kids from. Or the blessings that are poured on because of this simple practice.

Amen and amen.

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