God Lives Here

Some of you read the title you thought, “universe.” Some of you read it and thought, “church.” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Both true but not what I’m talking about at all.

I was thinking recently, “I can relate to God the Father because I have a father. I ‘get’ what He means by that. I can relate to God the Son because we have actual historical pictures of Jesus like this one! And we have Bible stories and songs so I can relate to Him!”

But growing up, I heard about the “Holy Ghost.” Wait. Wut?

Ok – not ghost. That’s King James. How about “Spirit.”

Again with the spooks! What does that mean? For me as a little kid it meant this remote controlled ghost that I ordered for 95 CENTS. What a bargain!!

ghostExcept it was white trash bag with a white balloon and fishing line. My first introduction to the word, “rip-off.” Next was sea monkeys. Don’t bother. They are not monkeys at all! They are brine shrimp. The heartbreak of being a first grader with a pocket full of cash.

But Holy Spirit? What does that mean?

Here’s a phrase that sums it up:

God Lives Here.


In every follower of Jesus Christ. INSIDE you.

He’s God THE Spirit. Because He’s Spirit, can dwell, make His home in, be inside of – you.

Most Excellent Example: David and Goliath

The story is this: Goliath is a big  Philistine beaten hard by an ugly stick and he loves to kill people and break things. Challenges the Israelites. They – the army – the warriors – are trembling in fear. Like babies.
David – shepherd boy. Goes out to the battlefield. Takes five stones and sling.

This picture was NOT in my children’s Bible. Most excellent, though. 

Hurls stone at Goliath. Hits Goliath. Goliath falls down. David gets his sword and cuts off his head. Kills him. He’s a hero.

David must be an extraordinary guy right?

No way. Nothing extraordinary about him. But God is extraordinary.

Then how does he KILL the giant David?

Settle down. I’ll tell you.

Jump back ONE chapter in the Bible. This happens:

Samuel the great prophet of God (who was great because the great God spoke through him), goes to Jesse’s house.  “Bring me all your sons.” Jesse calls all of his sons. Except one.

Jesse didn’t bother to call David because David was not very outstanding, remarkable, noteworthy, terrific, unique or spectacular. In fact, you could say (according to his own father anyway), David was ordinary.

David was so ordinary that when Sam says to Jesse “call your sons”, David was:

Left out.                      Left behind.                         Forgotten (by his own dad).

Excluded.                     Insignificant.

 In Jesse’s estimation, David doesn’t count.

Have you ever felt like that? I have. Many times. My position in grade school baseball wasn’t left field, it was “left out.” We’ve all been left out at some point.

Samuel goes through all David’s bros – Eliab – the face jock, Abinadab – voted “best six pack abs,” Shammah – voted “most likely to slay a giant.”

God says “no, no, no – I don’t look on the outward appearance, I look at the heart.”

Sam asks Jesse “Are these all your boys?” Jesse says “Oh yeah, there’s that one…ummmmm…the sheep boy, but he’s busy.” And of course you and I know, THAT’S DAVID, GOD’S MAN, GOD’S ANOINTED, GOD’S LEADER, GOD’S CHOSEN KING FOR THE NATION FORGOTTEN WITH THE SHEEP!!!

As is often the case in my writing I’m using all caps because I am shouting at how absurd this is.

Go read the story. So very fascinating. David is brought in from the field. Samuel anoints him, and at that moment (I Sam 16:13) the Spirit of the Extraordinary God “RUSHED” upon David.

God lives here. In David. From that day on.  And ordinary David goes and slays the giant. Because the extraordinary God lives in ordinary David. 

God lived in David, and made him dauntless and bold and daring and courageous and wise. And God will do the same with you.

The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, He will give life to your mortal bodies by this same Spirit living within you. Romans 8:11 (NLT)

Get this: the extraordinary God lives in ordinary you.

The more you recognize that and walk in that truth and believe it and cooperate with Him, the more He will make you:




courageous and wise.

Say to yourself, “God lives here.” Which so awesome. Let Him rule. 

Amen and amen.

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