What Do You Give the God Who Has Everything?

It’s Christmas! Gotta buy everyone gifts, right?  And some folks have, literally, EVERYTHING!  What do you get someone who has everything?

What can you give God that He doesn’t already have?

As a kid, I sometimes argued with a friend:
Me: I’m right.
Him: No, I’m right.
Me: I’m right times 2!
Him: I’m right times 100!
Me: I’m right infinity!

Game over.  I win. 

He can be right times 100 or 1000, but I’m infinitely right so…end of story (if you think we sound very nerdy and geeky, you’d be right).

God is infinite. That’s makes Him hard to shop for. Here’s what I mean:

Example 1: Time
I can spend my time doing things for/with my wife, and that blesses her because it’s a gift of time that she doesn’t have. My time + her time = more time for her! She loves that.

God has a ridiculous about of time. As Supreme Being, He’s completely unlimited by time and space! He’s infinite! Me giving Him time? He has all the time in the world.

Example 2: Energy
I can give my wife the gift of energy by working in the yard or cleaning the garage, and that blesses her because it’s a gift of energy that she doesn’t have.
My energy + her energy = more energy for her! As with time, she loves that.

God’s energy is infinite.  Me giving Him energy? He’s got it all!

Example 3: Stuff
I can give my wife a gift of roses and that blesses her because it’s a gift of stuff that she doesn’t have. My roses + her lack of roses = more roses for her! As with time and energy, she loves that. If it’s a gift of vacuum or a chainsaw or a fruitcake, not so much.

BUT….God owns ALL of the stuff! Everything! He created it, and it’s His! He’s infinite – infinite in resources – there is no end to God’s roses. He could bury me in roses, and He’d STILL have endless roses!

God is infinite in His resources – He has all the time and energy and resources in the universe. What does He NOT have that He WANTS?

There is one thing that God does not have. 

My sin. 

God doesn’t have ANY sin. NONE. AT. ALL.

I have mountains of sin.

Loads and loads and loads of sin. Sin to spare! If I was only 20 years old, and I only sinned 10 times a day, that means I have 73,000 sins. That’s a lot of sin.

David! That’s doesn’t seem like much if a gift!?!?

Agreed. But God can’t have you, the ultimate object of His affection, unless He first gets rid of your sin.

So God wants my sin. All of it. Every. Single. Bit.

So He sent His Son,
to collect all that sin,
put it on His back,
go to a cross,
and get rid of it forever.

As in my sin buried in the depths of the ocean, far as the east is from the west, and all that stuff.

What do you give the God who has everything? Your sin. And He, in His infinite love, gets rid of it all.

So that in His great affection He can have…you.


Amen and amen. And Merry Christmas!


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