Famous Last Words

I think, “last words” are fascinating. You want your last words to be packed full of power, jammed full of meaning, and slammed with significance!

Here my top eight “last words”:

1. “You won’t get me alive!”  THINK before you throw down a life or death challenge.

2. “I bet I can fit in there!” I did laugh when I read this (it’s from a joke list-not an obituary-don’t have a cow).

3. “That birthmark on your head looks like 999.” RUN FOR THE HILLS!

4. Convicted murder Thomas J. Grasso just before his execution: “I did not get my Spaghetti-O’s; I got spaghetti. I want the press to know this.” I can understand the frustration – Spaghetti-O’s are a superior noodle and tomato-based entree, but there just HAS to be something more significant say at the end of a misspent life. HAS to be!

5. “The earth is suffocating . . . swear to make them cut me open so that I won’t be buried alive.” Frederic Chopin, composer, 1849. He was cremated. I completely relate to this sentiment. Horrified me as a kid. Today I want to be cremated only because I see no point in buying real estate I can’t enjoy.

6. “Don’t you dare ask God to help me.” Joan Crawford, actress, 1977 to her housekeeper, who had begun to pray aloud.  If you’re dying, don’t start mouthing off about God! Have some sense of your own mortality.

7. “You have won, O Galilean.”
Roman emperor and Constantine descendant Julian, when he tried to quash the original endorsement to Christianity of the Roman Empire. He was the last non-Christian ruler of the Roman Empire. Known as Julian the Apostate.
This is pure legend. But…as legends go, I like it! And Jesus did win.

And……….my favorite (humanly speaking):

8. “I’m going to be with Gloria now.”
Jimmy Stewart (who is just the best) to his family just before dying in 1997, referring to his wife, Gloria, who had passed away three years earlier. The actor, 89 when he died, apparently never got over his wife’s death. The two were married 44 years.

BUT…BEST Last Word…(it’s His second to last sentence but still falls into the category of, “last words.”)

Jesus said:  It is finished. John 19:30

The price has been paid. The blood has been shed.

He has done everything necessary for all of our sin to be washed away! Every other religion is about what we do to get to God. But in Christianity, Jesus did it all. That is so, so good.

Max Lucado says:

“Jesus places ‘do not enter signs’ all over the gateway to hell, and He announces to anyone who wants to go, ‘if you go you’ve gotta go over My dead body.'”

IT…IS…FINISHED. I love that Jesus said that! So I’ve repented of my sins and surrendered my life to Him as my Master and my Savior.

You should too.

Amen amen!


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Easter: What’s Lassie Saying?

lassieAs we approach Easter, I’m thinking about how truly remarkable it is that God would send His Son to die for you and me. He is BIG, and we are small.

Did you know that humans are the only beings in creation that have the ability to communicate to God, or are even aware of His presence? Rocks aren’t talking, plants don’t care, and animals aren’t aware of God’s presence.

Remember Lassie? Timmy would say to Lassie, “What is it, girl? What are you trying to say??” Sometimes people look at a barking dog and ask, “I wonder what that dog is thinking?”

I’ll tell you what Lassie is saying and what your dog is thinking – it’s all the same! It’s “bark bark bark” or if he’s bilingual he’s thinking “ruff ruff bark bark bark!” What were you thinking? “Maybe Lassie’s trying to give a lecture on quantum physics or electrodynamics????” No way! She’s a dog!

Only humans, made in the image of God, have the ability to communicate like God and the ability to communicate to God. And that He actually cares to listen is extremely significant.

In our culture, we make the grand assumption that EVERYONE should listen to us – especially God. That’s why some folks post every inane activity of their day on Facebook.

“I’m doing the laundry! I’m driving to work! Drinking a chai…mmm mmm good. 

And I’m posting this because its soooo significant and so different than what everyone else is doing today, and EVERYONE wants to hear about it!”

No. Everyone doesn’t. Everyone doesn’t want to hear about my day. Or yours! Which makes it all the more remarkable that God would.

Think of it this way – I don’t listen to ants. In fact, I take great joy I killing them. Ortho and I are great friends. And as a kid, I remember the time a friend and I realized that when you light a plastic bread bag on fire, it drops little plastic burning bombs…like mini-napalm! So what did we do? We started fire bombing ants! And we loved it!

I love the smell of burning ants in the morning. It smells like…victory.

And knowing ants as I do today, I don’t feel any guilt about it! And as an adult, because ants are so small and insignificant, I pretty much don’t think about them at all unless they bite me.

So consider the contrast:
I take great joy in killing ants.

God takes great joy in loving me (and you).

I’m disinterested in small and insignificant things.

God takes great interest in me (and you).

That’s not to be expected –it defies reason! We’re just not that special. You say “I’m one in a million!” No no no – you’re one of 6 billion. And yet…God has great love for you.

And whereas your husband or wife at times will ignore you or people will forget you, God listens to the prayers of His people and He never forgets them.

And so great is His love, that while we were sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5:8

While something as insignificant as an ant draws my scorn and ire when it’s at war with me, when I was at war with God in sin, He loved me so much, that His Son died in my place.

And that my friend, is truly, truly remarkable.

Praise God for Easter. He’s quite fond of you.


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