Big Boys Don’t Cry.

The following was originally published by  World Net Daily here.

Big boys shouldn’t cry – with some exceptions:

  1. Cutting onions. It’s not emotional, just biology.
  2. Death of the best dog/best friend.
  3. Acting like a total wuss. You SHOULD cry over that! Disgraceful. But crying about it makes you MORE of a wuss! It’s a vicious circle so stay off the wuss train altogether!
  4. During select manly movies. Like TheChamp with Ricky Schroeder, Old Yeller, The Patriot. All Hallmark movies. Wait wut? Delete! Delete!
  5. Totaling of a cherished car or truck.
  6. If you’re God incarnate, completely infinite (John 11:35).
  7. And obviously, you get a free pass for all crying if you’ve been in military combat service. Because you’re awesome that’s why!

Bottom Line: Crying is what the guys in Twilight movies do, NEVER what Rambo would sylvester and twilight real mean don't drydo.

Someone: David, you sound like you’re promoting toxic masculinity!!
Me: Sorry – no such thing. There is masculinity. And then there is a toxic male. One possesses God-given masculinity and does good things with it. The other is a meathead.

But crying is all the rage today. In fact, everywhere we turn we are told, in the words of  George Will, “that it is healthy for us continuously to take our emotional temperature, inventory our feelings and vent them. Never mind research indicating that reticence and suppression of feelings can be healthy.”

It can actually be GOOD to suppress your feelings. Keep them stuffed deep – they’re stuffed down there for a reason!

So…. some of this (not all!) is tongue in cheek. BUT…there has been some recent male crying that is completely unacceptable and crushes all credibility the crybaby ever had. Here are two bad forms of crying:

1. Fake Tears: tears that flow, but aren’t real.

In 2016, President Trump banned travel from seven Muslim countries that breed Islamic terrorists. Immediately dubbed the “Muslim ban.”’ Which must mean it barred all Muslim countries, right?

Wrong! There are FIFTY majority Muslim countries in the world-SEVEN banned. So only an uninformed or dishonest person would call it a “Muslim ban,” right?  Of course!

But that didn’t stop Senator Chuck Schumer. He went on national TV and CRIED OVER THE TRAVEL BAN. He said it was, “mean-spirited.”

But in 2015, Schumer backed an act of Congress that actually IDENTIFIED the seven countries in Trump’s travel ban.

So Schumer was FOR a ban of folks from terrorist-havens before the ban MADE him cry.

These are fake tears with no basis in reality and used to manipulate.  And the opposite of manliness and integrity.

2. Fictitious Tears: tears that no one saw because they were made up.

Just last week, it was reported by Senator Dick Durbin that the President called some really bad countries a bad name (I don’t like the language but not sure I believe Durbin either – he’s made things up before. Others in the meeting didn’t hear what Durbin did.).

But calling a bad country a bad country is racist. So racist, that Senator Cory Booker, in a tirade against DHS Secretary, shouted that when Durbin told him what the President said, he had, “tears of rage.

Really ponder that phrase. Tears. Of. Rage. Have you EVER seen tears of rage? The only place I’ve seen them was on the face of a five-year-old laying in the middle of aisle five, screaming for Oreos!

No emotionally stable man has “tears of rage” over a comment like the one in question. I’ve never even MET a man who had, “tears of rage.”

I could only find one example of “tears of rage” in recent history. After the abduction and murder of his six-year-old son, John Walsh wrote a book called, Tears of Rage. That crime is a reason for rage and tears. And he leveraged that rage to start a nationwide movement to track down over 1,000 fugitives through his TV show. Excellent man.

But Booker hears of someone else calling a bad place a bad name, and he beats up a woman with his raging tears.

I don’t believe him – he makes up whole people. And I can’t say enough bad about his fictitious tears. But…you might think he’s being truthful – and in that case, his reaction is emotionally unstable. So fabricated or real, it’s a lose-lose for him.

So What? So Man up!

Fake and fictitious tears – so what?

We can’t control what dishonest politicians do with their tears, but we can control ourselves. So, let’s be men. Realize that after age five, you should NEVER use tears to get what you want.Instead use persuasion, logic, and the truth. And when a politician deploys phony or fictitious tears to manipulate–just recognize the integrity deficiency.

The Apostle Paul was an epic man (and as a first-century Jew-probably epic beard), took beating after beating and was still rugged to the core. And he writes in 1 Corinthians 16:13, “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.” Excellent word.

Our world needs fewer crybabies and more men who will act like men and be strong: strong and noble, strong and kind, strong and loving, strong and gentle, strong and honest, strong and Godly. If a man like that cries, no problem! You know it’s the right time. You know it’s for a good reason.

So man up. Be that kind of man. The world will be better for it. Amen amen.

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What I do When I’m Hammered

GREAT hammer!

Oh wait – you didn’t think I meant “hammered” as in inebriated, intoxicated, wasted or drunk did you?

So sorry.

I meant, “hammered” as in, “emotionally hammered,” “hammered by life,” “down in the dumps,” “feeling really low.”

What do you do when you feel like giving up? When you can’t go on? I could tell you all the usual stuff:

1. Man up (I like that one! Seems so, “manly.”).
2. Your grandparents had it worse (true – many were risking lives in wars that covered the globe and faced a depression without “government help” (oxymoron anyone?), so quit whining.
3. The sun will come out tomorrow (what if it doesn’t?).

But none of those helpful comments get me through. Here’s what does:

Hammer it out with God’s Word.

Example of, “stating the obvious.” But fabulous artwork!!

Why God’s Word? Let me first state the obvious. About God’s Word, you see, it’s umm, how do I put this? It’s hmmmmm….oh I know!

It’s God’s Word.

Don’t let your familiarity with the phrase, “God’s Word” undermine its power. When we say “God’s Word,” we’re saying a lot.

The Bible says it’s “God breathed.” It’s “powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword.”

God spoke, and there was light.  God spoke, and the world came into existence.

So God’s Word is kind of a big deal. And it can change you, your insides, your outsides, all of you.

But let’s keep it simple:

You’re emotionally hammered.
Life has just dropped on you like a ton of bricks.
You’re not sure if you can get up tomorrow.
Or even keep going today.

Or maybe you’re not that low. But you are having a stressful day. This is still the best route. Trust me.

You can type this on your notepad, take a screenshot on your phone, and make it your wallpaper.

Find a verse that speaks to your situation (google, “Scriptures on God’s promises” or whatever). A great example is Jeremiah 29:11. Powerful verse about God’s plans for His kids. Write it on a card. Or make it your wallpaper on your phone.

During the day when:

tension rises,
anxiety increases,
worry creeps in,
or panic sets in…

…pull out the card or your phone, and displace those feelings with what God has said. Read it out loud or to yourself. Then say it as a prayer to the Lord. Say, “I believe.” Repeat it. And let it sink deep into your soul.

And as you do this, try to do it with the innocent trust of a child. With the trust you imagine a child feels when coming to a loving parent or to Jesus. 

I seem to remember as a child being told that the Bible was God’s Word. I was amazed – what an awesome book! I couldn’t set another book on top of it. I couldn’t let it get dirty. I treated it with serious and severe reverence.Who wouldn’t?!?!? It’s God’s Word for goodness sake!! What a precious and priceless and incredible gift!

Take that piece of paper or notation on your phone, and in the midst of anxiety or stress or worry, hang on to it. Grip it like grim death. Trust it like nobody’s business. Repeat as many times as necessary – all day long.

You do that, and  God will use it to change your thoughts, and renew your mind and hammer out anxiety and worry and panic.

Instead of getting emotionally and mentally hammered, hammer out the voice of the enemy, with the Voice of the Lord

Every word of God proves true; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him. 
Proverbs 30:5 

God Speed,


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The Shack is Messed Up


  Last line of this tweet kind of says it all. 

I hate to be a frumpy, grumpy old man, but if the new movie, The Shack, is true to the book of the same name, it is really whacked.


If you’re not familiar with it – the runaway bestseller was released in 2007 and was simultaneously praised AND criticized across the theological spectrum.

And it is royally messed up. Which is hard to say from watching the previews! Because the previews are heart-wrenching, heart-warming, with good actors, and it looks like it would be a good Christian movie.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Interesting that the star of The Shack is the same guy from Avatar. I like him! And both movies have a religious aspect, neither of which is Christian. Obviously, Avatar has an otherworldly, science fiction religion that the author “made up” for the story.

In the book The Shack ( the movie isn’t out yet), the author also, “made up” the religion for the story. 

How can you say that David?!? It’s a Christian book! It’s been endorsed by some famous Christians! The author says it’s Christian! The MARKETING CAMPAIGN SAYS IT’S CHRISTIAN. NOBODY WOULD LIE IN A MARKETING CAMPAIGN.

Really? I get so weary of folks accepting that everything called Christian just must be. Jesus Himself said people would come in His name – not to save you but to deceive you! Jesus the Son of God said don’t just accept something because someone stamps His name it! You can read it yourself here: Matthew 24:5.

Here’s the bottom line on The Shack: If anyone truly believes God’s Word to be, well…God speaking, then “anyone” should realize that the author of The Shack doesn’t believe what God Himself has already said and he (the author) has made up his own version of a god.

I lost count after about six heresies (beliefs contrary to Christian doctrine) in the book, so I’ll bullet point four major ones.

Here’s a little bit of what I mean:

1. In the book, God the Father presents Himself as Goddess the Mother.  Apparently, the god of the Shack was suffering from the same gender confusion our culture is experiencing!

Think I’m overstating?

God the father/mother speaking, “For me to appear to you as a woman and suggest that you call me Papa is simply to mix metaphors, to help you keep from falling so easily back into your religious conditioning.”

Woman? Papa? Which is it??? The author made God transgendered way back in 2007! Way before Target let men in the women’s bathroom!

This in spite of the fact that God has chosen to verbally and specifically call Himself, “God the Father” from the time of Adam and Eve all the way through His Word to Revelation.

For at least 5000 years God has deliberately chosen to represent Himself as God the Father.

That alone should be enough to trash the book. According to the Shack – Jesus blew it when He prayed “Our Father in heaven.” Jesus should’ve prayed, “Our Mother in the Shack.” 

When we start making God in whatever form WE choose, we might as well make Him into anything – a piece of wood, Chewbacca, Kanye “Yeezus” West, whatever. It doesn’t matter – because we’re making it up as we go along and that’s ALL idol worship.

And personally? I don’t ever want to stand before God and explain why I decided His description of Himself was SOOOO inadequate that I, in my finite ignorance, chose to change it. That’s the definition of arrogance and foolishness.

Note: Later in the book the god the mother turns into a ponytailed old man hippy. I’m really not sure which is more annoying…

2. The Jesus of the Shack is a counterfeit Jesus (kind of a karmic/universalist Jesus).

Referring to Buddhists, Mormons, and Muslims, Jesus of the Shack declares “I have no desire to make them Christian,” (wait, wut?) and paints Christians as religious fanatics and part of a sinful world system. That may be a lot of things, but that’s not the Jesus of history OR the Bible.

Jesus also tells Mack that he is “the best way any human can relate to Papa (god the father/mother) or Sarayu (The Shack holy spirit).”

Best way?

Best way of what? Many ways? Lots of ways? “Best” implies there are options for relating to God.

No way.

Jesus said He is the only way:

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

One way. Not “best” way. Only way.

3. The goddess of The Shack doesn’t punish sin. “She,” says, “I don’t need to punish people for sin. Sin is its own punishment, devouring you from the inside. It’s not my purpose to punish it; it’s my joy to cure it.”

The author is making it up as he goes along….

The real God does take joy in saving people. That’s what John 3:16 is all about. But:

God NEEDS to punish sin because He is a just and good God. 

Crooked evil judges let the guilty go free. Crooked judges must themselves be brought to justice.

God is NOT a crooked judge. He’s a good judge. He’s love and justice. So He must punish sin.

She (the goddess of the Shack) says, “In Jesus, I have forgiven all humans for their sins against me, but only some choose relationship.” If all humans are forgiven, then all go to heaven, even Hitler. Lest you think I’m making too much of this, the author of The Shack has refused to affirm that only the sins of those who repent are forgiven (read more by clicking here-last paragraph).

God has not forgiven all sins. In Acts 3:19 Peter says, “Repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away.” 

God’s punishment: “And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous will go into eternal life.” Matthew 25:46 (NLT)

God really punishes sin. Every. Single. Bit.

But Jesus willingly took my place, so that if I repent of my sin, and follow Him, His sacrifice will wipe all my sins away.

4. It’s irreverent. I’m not quite sure how to communicate this in a way that sounds “right” when I write it, but the Jesus of the Shack is just a little bit of a ridiculous goof. He’s dropping stuff on the floor and chasing fish that He can’t catch and talks like a child at times (according to the author).

66 books in the Bible, lots and lots of words – so wordy! But God never presents Jesus like that. Ever.


So those are my top four reasons The Shack is wrong, whacked, wretched and the worst. 

Now you might say:

a. “But David, it’s fiction!”

So if it’s fiction, anything goes? Like I could write a book about how Jesus didn’t die, didn’t rise from the grave but married and had little Jesuses, and the church covered it up for 2,000 years? That would be ok?

Then how come Christians got all worked up about the DaVinci Code? It was just fiction.

b. “But David come on! It has caused some people to hunger for God!”

Ok! All aboard the money train! I’m publishing a picture book that presents Jesus as Ariana Grande! I’m sure lots of the 12 to 30 male crowd will have an increased hunger for my Jesus, and I’ll get rich!

Is that what we’ve come to? As long as the “Jesus” you present makes people hungry, it’s good? I’m hungry for the bacon god!

Here’s the issue that’s critical for our souls:

Run from anyone that tries to sell you a different God than THE One revealed in His Word. Worship God the Father, creator of heaven and earth. God the Son, who died for our sins and rose to give us eternal life, and God the Holy Spirit, our counselor, and comforter.

At the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Philippians 2:10-11 (NLT)

Amen and amen.


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The REAL Sexual Revolution

Caution: adult subject matter. But nothing that’s not on regular TV or the news every day.

There have been a lot of sexual revolutions in the US over the last 50 years.

1. The bikini was kind of a revolution. A hundred years ago a woman would’ve been jailed for wearing one in public (even the men wore full body bathing suits). But they were transformed into good clean fun that “California Girls” of the Beach Boys songs wore. The Beach Boys were a fresh, clean and safe alternative to the drug-addled music of Woodstock. Who couldn’t love that?

2. The revolution of “free love” in the 60’s. “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” And while you’re at it, “don’t bogart that joint my friend.”

3. The revolution of some sex as “not sex,” led by that revolutionary (and serial adulterer) Bill Clinton.

Clinton defined oral sex as, “not sex” with “that woman,” and reportedly told an Arkansas State Trooper it was all he’d do because it didn’t violate the 10 Commandments. And thousands (maybe millions) of males used the line as ammunition for conquests with girls “Come on girl…it’s not sex! So it’s ok!”.  Researchers even call it the “Clinton-Lewinsky Effect.” The vast majority of college students think this two-word descriptor with the word “sex” actually in it right there in black and white, is not sex. Weird.

That’s Bill Clinton’s legacy.

But today a sexual revolution of tsunamic proportions is washing over us.

In all of those previous examples, sexual choices were just that, choices. Even though a bunch of unwashed hippies at Woodstock were having sex with everyone in sight you could still:

  1. teach against it in the local junior high or state university,
  2. warn against the dangers of it in local doctor’s office, 
  3. preach against it from the local pulpit, and
  4. lead your family away from it at home.

In fact, you’d be praised for that all of that by most of the population.

No more.

The current LGBT revolution is the first sexual revolution in America that is a 100%, take no prisoners, vanquish the opposition, mind control revolution.


David Gushee, a very liberal evangelical (oxymoron), wrote accurately for Religious News Service (click here) last week that two truths are becoming firmly ensconced in our country:

  1. There is no middle ground and no tolerance in this revolution. You are “for us” or “against us.” Meaning you either 100% embrace LGBT as wonderful and glorious and even part of Jesus and Christianity or you are part of the heretical evangelical fire breathing haters. And many will hate you. And already do.
  2. Dissent is not acceptable. The State and the culture will not tolerate any alternative views. Thought control is the goal. And Gushee seems to be a willing future “informant.” He says in the article mentioned above that he has been urging religious conservatives to change their Biblical view of sexuality, “voluntarily.” One can only assume by using the word, “voluntarily” he is suggesting that soon there will be a totalitarian enforcement that he appears to embrace.

Understand, this revolution includes all things sexual – wefhomosexual, bisexual, pansexual and whatever else you can come up with (eventually we’ll owe Utah an apology for forcing them to outlaw polygamy as a condition of statehood).

This also includes gender identity. Currently, only one judge (link) stands in the way of President Obama’s edict that all schools must allow boys who consider themselves girls into the girl’s locker room. No medical or psychological diagnoses or proof of any kind is required. The boy just has to show up to school and say, “I feel like a girl!” and abracadabra! He’s in the girl’s locker room!

Teenage boys deciding which locker room they should use.

The inmates are running the asylum. The crazy train has left the station.

If you don’t want to board the crazy train, sorry – you can’t stay off. Every effort will be made to get you “on board.”

Orwell-truthWith same-sex marriage now the law of the land, all public schools k-12 and public universities and all state and local governments and all government offices are required to embrace the new sexual morality. Corporations have embraced it. Small businesses have already been fined or forced out of business by the State or by threat of violence from homosexual activists (here and here). And there are those who are ready to hit any Christian church or nonprofit that will not renounce it’s Biblical morality and embrace the State sponsored sexual morality (link).

I wrote about all of that a year ago in an article titled Waving the Rainbow Flag and Declaring Christ?

All Of This Means You Have To Choose

You have to choose. And you only have two choices:


a. Choose to the follow the Jesus of the Bible. The One who claimed all sex outside of marriage between a man and woman is sin. Who claimed that God made them male and female (not in between).

But to choose Him as He is and not as some like Gushee imagine or dream Him to be.
This could have severe consequences in the future. Maybe the loss of reputation. Maybe the loss of a job. Becoming part of a ridiculed and much-maligned and often hated subset of the population.

Maybe the loss of tax exempt status for churches (this is guaranteed if Clinton becomes President and appoints the next Supreme Court Justice). Fines for pastors who preach what the Bible says about homosexuality (criticism of homosexuality is already a “hate crime” in Canada).

b. Choose to reject the Jesus who actually does exist. Reject the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Embrace the politically correct Jesus that has been manufactured in the world’s mind or no Jesus at all. Doesn’t matter. The end result is the same-a rejection of the real Jesus.

Follow or reject Jesus. There is no middle ground. So choose.getrfedw

Historically this is not a new choice. It’s been made millions of times throughout history and is made daily right now in places like China and sharia ruled countries around the world. And it’s being made with joy.

Many first century Christians (called “atheists” because they only worshiped one God)
were burned at the stake or slaughtered in the Colosseum – all because they refused to embrace the gods of this world and only embraced the real Jesus, God incarnate. And they saw it as a privilege to suffer for their Savior.

The choice is, Jesus or the world? Be marginalized or even persecuted for Jesus, or bow to the state?

But do not lose heart and do not fear! My word to you: Choose Jesus. Choose all of Him as He has revealed Himself in His Word-all 66 books of it. He will make it worth your while.  Always.

Stand strong. I didn’t say stand obnoxious or stand, “in your face.”  God doesn’t call us to cinderellathat. Paul, when imprisoned for choosing Jesus, still preached Jesus with (in the words of Cinderella’s mother) courage and kindness to everyone he met, even his captors. Over and over until he died. He could do that because he was the victor. Confident that in Christ, he had already won.

No one could defeat him.

Not even death.

And Jesus made it worth His while. He lived maybe 70 years on this earth but has been in heaven, the place Jesus called “paradise” for almost 20 centuries.

Choose Jesus and celebration and joy are yours.  No one can defeat you. Not even death. And in 20 centuries you will look back with great celebration and say, “Jesus made it worth my while.”

Choose this day who you will serve. Everybody else, or God.

Amen and amen.

Pastor David

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My Way I Pay-God’s Way I Win

As a kid, I heard this crazy story in the Bible about Jacob putting on a goat skin to fool dad (Isaac). I had several thoughts about that: creepy, scratchy, itchy, liar, deceiver, scoundrel (deceiver came from Sunday school lesson – my vocab wasn’t that advanced).

But as I read the story today (Genesis 27), I have an entirely different thought. And it’s this: everyone – not just Jacob – everyone in the story is a scoundrel!!! It’s like Pirates of the Caribbean 2 or 3 or 4 – I forget which one – where everyone in the movie lies, and everyone is out for themselves. Everyone is a wretch!

Same in Genesis 27. I’ll explain.

First – Quick Synopsis: Isaac (dad) believes he can ignore God and give the blessing to Esau. Jacob deceives dad for a blessing. Mom conceives to deceive dad for the blessing. Esau demands that dad give him a reprieve from the loss of his blessing (which he willingly traded for a bowl of stew years earlier).

Bottom line? Everyone wants their way. In the words of that old song, “I did it my way.”

But here’s the catch: My way…I pay.

At Burger King – “Have it your way!” But I don’t have any money. Then “No way” and “Hit the highway” and “Come back another day when you can pay.” But if you can afford to pay, you can have it your way.

Genesis 27 everyone pays.

Bear with me – another “Quick Synopsis” on how everyone pays:

Isaac (dad) torched his family with a fire that would burn for years.

Rebekah (mom) lost her favorite son. Because Jacob had to flee Esau’s anger, she would never see Jacob on this earth again.

Esau: lost everything…literally. Lost his birthright which meant privilege, power, and possessions in inheritance.

Jacob: a life on the lam – ran from Esau to Uncle Laban, who was even a better deceiver than he.

Everyone demanded the blessings of God…their way. And for everyone, there was a steep price to pay.

So here’s the takeaway. For you. Today. 

Do it my way, I pay. And the price will always, always be higher than the benefit received.

Isaac, Rebekah, Esau and Jacob all paid a much much higher price than any benefit they received. And you will always pay a higher price any time you ignore God and do it…your way.

Do it God’s way, I win. Always. And the benefit will always, always be higher than the price paid.  

Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him, and He will act. Psalm 37:4-5

The final word – you don’t have enough in you to pay the price of doing it your way. He already paid the price on the cross for that. But He has enough to pay it big when you increasingly bend the knee in every area of life to Him.

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5 Points to Understand About Transgenderism

genderGod is still God and in the end, Jesus always gets the last word. So don’t panic. Be kind, loving and gracious to all. You can afford to be gracious if you worship Jesus the King. But also be an informed and active faithful witness of God’s Word and wisdom in the world.

We’ve gone way off the rails as a nation, in a way that is quite rebellious against God. Here’s a little bit of what I mean:

  • Yesterday was Anti “don’t be against anything sexual no matter how disturbing you phobic bigot” Day.
  • The President issued an imperial edict declaring any boy can go in the girl’s restroom or locker room if he just says, “I feel like a girl,” (that really is the only requirement). If you refuse this edict the President has threatened to take billions of dollars from your state. Because he’s the king – no need for a legislature to create laws!
  • Target has said anyone can use any restroom they want if they “feel” like the corresponding gender on the door of the restroom. But oddly if I “feel” like a checker I can’t dig around in the money drawer (I’m being repressed! I’m being repressed!).

I’ve read a lot of nonsense about the whole issue, so to clear things up, here five things critical things you need to know:

1. God is crystal clear on gender. He says in Genesis 5:2, “He created them male and female,” and just in case you only believe the red letters in your Bible, His Son (Jesus) quotes Him in Matthew 19:4. What is happening now by the President and Target and others is a rebellion against God’s common sense, easy-to-understand plan and His distinction between the sexes. It’s what happens when man has no fear of God and sets himself above God.

2. You can’t change gender. No matter what you amputate (could that sound more absurd?), or how much plastic you pump into someone, or how many hormones you inject, a man is still a man and woman still a woman at the cellular level. It does nothing to change the DNA in every single one of the 37.2 TRILLION cells in a person’s body. AND you’re no longer certified organic (but still non-GMO verified)! 

Which means all you get is a more feminized man or more masculine woman. But still a man, still a woman.

In fact, John Hopkins QUIT doing “sex changes” (in quotes because it’s not what is says it is) in 1979 because the result was not, “changed, healed, and made whole!” but rather, same emotional issues as before (click here to read more). And – side note – we’re talking about a condition that affects approximately .3% of the population.

3. Being “transgender” is an emotional disorder that needs compassion, treatment and healing. That it’s an emotional disorder is the opinion of Dr. Paul R. McHugh, Psychiatrist-in-Chief when John Hopkins quit doing sex change surgery in 1979 because it didn’t help the patients.

It is truly twisted to say, “I agree Mister Smith. You feel like a woman, so you are a woman!!! Use the woman’s bathroom!!!” Pure lunacy. It’s as bad as:

  • Telling the man who thinks he’s George Washington, “You really are the first President of the United States so you should move into the White House right now!”
  • Telling an anorexic, “YES!! You are morbidly obese at 85 pounds. You’re fat!! VERY fat! You should continue to starve yourself. “
  • Telling an alcoholic, “I agree with you. You don’t have a problem! It IS everyone else’s fault, and you should KEEP drinking Mad Dog 2020. And it comes in delicious fruit flavors so it’s got to be good for you!”

You would never tell those people those things because you realize the individual’s feelings contradict reality. It wouldn’t be compassionate to agree with them, it would be (certainly in the last two examples) downright wicked and destructive to agree with them. And to say that being transgender is normal and should be embraced is equally wicked and destructive.

In fact, the aforementioned Dr. McHugh said given that close to 80% of those kids (gender confused) will “abandon their confusion and grow naturally into adult life if untreated ….”, he considers treating a child as the opposite of their natural gender with hormone therapy, etc. to be “close to child abuse.”

4. Privacy matters. The President’s edict steals the privacy of men and women, and even little children to go into a locker room or bathroom and not be exposed to the opposite sex.

We put urinals and toilets and showers in separate “rooms” from the rest of Target or the high school or kindergarten because normal people want PRIVACY from the opposite sex for changing and bathroom business. If it truly doesn’t matter, why have “rooms” at all? Just have a dressing “area” and a toilet “area” and a urinal “area” and a showering “area.”

We don’t do that because people have a normal expectation of privacy from the opposite sex when the clothes come off no matter how an opposite sex individual may “feel” about their gender on that day.

I thought privacy was so sacred that it even enshrined abortion? You mean privacy applies to abortion but not the shower?

5. This issue is not at all about compassion, but about the sexual left and the President of the United States exploiting people with mental illness for political gain. I’m not sure what all the reasons are, but I do know at least one reason is to tear down all sexual guardrails in society to demolish our nation’s respect for God.

When leaders reject God, the people suffer. When a society plows through the guardrails in the area of sexual relations, it destroys families, damages children, and will eventually bring chaos to a nation (we’re already there in many ways).

Under the umbrella of legitimacy given by the President’s and industry’s words, people will continue mutilating their bodies in hopes that surgery will heal them, parents will continue hormone therapy and cross-dressing their young children in hopes that it will help them, all the while encouraging an emotional disorder when real hope is available.

The real hope? Jesus said, “The truth will set you free.” While the treatment differs from gender confusion to anorexia to any other disorder, the ultimate hope is found in the truth that God created men and women to love them, and have a relationship with them. And ultimate hope and healing always comes through Jesus Christ.

Our job? To love, be compassionate, be kind, pray for our leaders and country, tell the truth, and encourage all people to healing in Jesus Christ.

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5 Things You Gotta Know About Best Verse Ever

How can you not know this verse? It’s on soft drink cups!

John 3:16, may be the greatest verse ever. And it may be my favorite to preach on because:

  1. Almost everyone in America has heard of it, but few have thought deeply about it, which makes it easy to bring new information to the table.
  2. It boils the Gospel down to 28 words.

And this idea of the “greatness” of this verse is not original with me. I think there have been 6,894,342 messages preached on “the greatest verse,” but who’s counting? (a smiley emoji with a halo would be good right here)

Here it is in case you don’t know it:  “For God loved the world so much that He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.”   John 3:16 (NLT) 

Here are the five things you gotta know:

1. The Greatest Being  …For God…
There’s no being greater than God. He created…everything!

All of science believes to some extent the opening section of the Bible…In the beginning was nothing, then bang…something.

Christianity: In the beginning there was an ultimate being. Which created everything.
Atheism: In the beginning there was nothing. Which exploded.

Wait. What?????

Now who believes in fairy tales, myths, unicorns and all other such silliness? Nothing exploded. Sheesh.
The Greatest Being, God…wielded…

2. The Greatest Power  …(He) loved…

If you say “of course He loves us!” that just shows you’ve grown up in a Christian culture. For most of history and even now in most of the world, the common belief is NOT that God is love.

The Greek and Roman gods were not gods that loved mankind. Loved self, loved war, but not known for loving humans.

There are over 33 MILLION Hindu deities. Not one is described in terms of loving or grace filled like the Christian God.

What about Allah? It is true that one of his 99 names in the Quran is “el-Waddud” – the loving. But it’s a very qualified love. He doesn’t love the sinner, the unjust, and he definitely does NOT love the non-Muslim.

Forever 21 – Christian owned. I know some 40-something hipsters who shop there. 21 and holding…


In contrast, the God of the Bible – loves the sinner. Read Romans 5:8


And it is the Great Power of God’s love, through Christ, to:

make the dead alive,
make the lost found,
make the sick healed,
make the sinner holy,
make the filthy pure,
make the guilty innocent,
give the captive liberty,
make the drunk sober,
make the blind see.

The power of God’s love is great indeed.

The Greatest Being, God, exhibited the Greatest Power, Love…

3. To the Greatest Degree  …the World so much…

“Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight – Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

I absolutely LOVE this pic. “I love Jesus enough to get tased!” (this is NOT a recommendation to do this)

God loves the Baptists – but also Methodists. He loves the Presbyterians. And the Lutherans. And the Catholics.

God loves the fundamentalists – but also the liberals. And the socialists and the communists.

God loves preachers! He REALLY LOVES THE PREACHERS. But before I get cocky about that, He also loves the murderers, gamblers, heroin users, prostitutes and the addicts and on and on and on.

God loves ALL – ALL colors, ALL individuals, ALL social groups. All. 

God so loved…the world.

The Greatest Being, God, exhibited the Greatest Power, Love, to the Greatest Degree, the world by giving…

4. The Greatest Gift   …that He gave His only Son..

Jesus proved once and for all that He loves you, when He lived out John 15:13: Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

That’s what Jesus did for you and me.

Because here’s the deal – you and I are sinners. We’ve broken God’s laws. Shall not lie. Done that. Shall not murder – Jesus said if you hate you’ve broken that one. Oops, done that.

The Bible says because of our sin, we deserve punishment.

You get that. If someone brutally murders your parents or children, you want justice. A judge that would let the murderer go free would be a crooked judge. And God is NOT a crooked judge. He is a good judge. He will punish all murderers, all rapists. But He won’t stop there. He’ll also punish all liars, thieves, even the haters. He is just…and so has to punish all evil.

But wait! Remember – God LOVES sinners and wants to SAVE them and (here comes the crazy part) have them in His family (who wants that??). So what did He do? He gave the Greatest Gift – His Son, Jesus. Who willingly took the penalty for my sin and yours.

Why would He do that? To deliver on:

5. The Greatest Promise

… that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

The Greatest Being, God
the greatest power – so loved
to the greatest degree – the world
that He gave the greatest gift – His Son
with the greatest promise you can ever get on this earth –

That whoever believes – puts their faith in, puts their trust in, whoever believes in Christ, won’t perish – but will have eternal life – life with their Heavenly Father forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

And that…is the Greatest News…of all.


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