Illegal Immigration: Death is Cost of Doing Business

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In 2000, Wayne LaPierre told ABC News he believed President Clinton was willing to accept “a certain level of killing to further his political (gun control) agenda.”

Agree or disagree with LaPierre, it’s an indisputable fact that many on the left and right are willing to allow a certain level of killing of Americans because to stop it would impede their political and/or business agenda.

The day after the Super Bowl, the Colts’ Edwin Jackson and his Uber driver, Jeffrey Monroe, were both run over by a drunken-driving, twice-deported illegal alien.

To say that these are needless deaths is a gross understatement. And whenever there is an epidemic of needless deaths, important people rush to microphones to express their outrage and horror at the situation.

People get upset at preventable deaths. For instance:

On the other hand, people actually do die at the hands of some (not all) people in the country illegally. What are the responses of our fearless leaders for the killing of Jackson and Monroe? Here you go:

George W. Bush: No comment on killings of Jackson or Monroe this week. But this elitist patrician who never criticized Obama, criticized his president on foreign soil. Why? Because Trump wants to stop illegal immigration. Bush said, “Americans don’t want to pick cotton at 105 degrees.” Exceptionally ignorant statement. My daddy didn’t have a Kennebunkport compound, and I loved digging ditches in college when it was 105 degrees because it was honest labor and money. Oh – and cotton picking has been mechanized since the late 1960s!

Nancy Pelosi: No comment. On Kate Steinle? “We need more gun control, and we shouldn’t let George Bush … errrr … George Trump stop us! Tax bill is Armageddon for illegal, umm, crumbs – that’s what the bonuses are – crumbs. My grandson wishes he was brown like his Guatemalan friend.” She did stand for eight hours speaking not for Americans murdered by illegals, but in support of illegals.

Sens. Dianne Feinstein/Chuck Schumer/Dick Durbin: “We need a clean DACA bill. Because “dreamers” are better than Americans in Every. Possible. Way.”

John McCain: No comment on the deaths but he did introduce a bill to give DACA amnesty. In 2006 he did say, “I’ll build the God-d–ned fence if they want it.” Borders seem to make him angry.

Lindsey Graham: Nothing about the killings this week, but he said, “We’re not going to build a 1,900-mile wall.” He is very passionate about amnesty and strangely passionate about working with Durbin and Schumer.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Illegals are cheap labor, often off the books, so we oppose ever solving this problem. Deaths? We’re not a law enforcement agency or EMS. Not our problem.

If pressed, some will make a valiant attempt to explain that the problem is not illegal aliens. An illegal who kills someone while driving drunk is an “alcohol abuse” problem. An illegal who shoots someone is a “gun-control” problem (Pelosi’s real-life response to Steinle’s murder). And, of course, we hear all the time that Americans break the law with more frequency than illegals.

Two fallacies argued that cost American lives:

1) Americans drive drunk, too.

Sorry. The formula is simple: No illegal aliens would mean Jackson and Monroe would still be alive.

“But a drunk American could’ve done the same …”


We will always have to deal with Americans who break the law. But the government’s job is to make sure our citizens don’t have to fear bad actors from other countries on U.S. soil. We fought two world wars to keep bad actors from unlawfully entering (invading) other countries.

Every murder by an illegal alien would not have happened if the federal government did its job.

2) Illegals commit fewer crimes.

False. Why would any thinking person conclude that someone who is here illegally (against the law) would have an amazing reverence for the sanctity of all of our other laws? One example: recent studies have shown in the case of Arizona, illegals commit crimes at double the rate of native-born Americans.

So illegals commit more crimes than citizens (common sense), and an illegal who isn’t here commits no crime.

The left ignores deaths at the hands of illegals because they want new Democratic Party voters. They don’t get upset about the killings; they do get upset if someone brings up the killings.

The right, big business and tech moguls (like Mark Zuckerberg, who has a six-foot wall around his Hawaii vacation home) ignore deaths at the hands of illegal immigrants because they want cheap labor.

So, these groups view the deaths of Americans as a cost of gaining power and doing business, and we are nowhere near a death toll that would alarm them.

But a death toll of one citizen murdered by an illegal per year is one too many. That’s one mother/father/son/daughter gone forever. Those people would not have died if there were no illegals.

Bottom line: Because the immeasurable cost to the families of citizens like Jackson and Monroe, we should never tolerate illegal immigration.

How Can I Fight ISIS If I’m Not Military, Police or Katy Perry?

The world is a horribly dark place as evidenced by the Islamic terrorist blowing himself up along with 22 kids and parents in Manchester.

And what can I do about horrific darkness like Islamic terrorism?unnamed
If you are in the military, you have a specific role in fighting the darkness.
Do it well. We’re for you.
Praise God for you!

If you’re in law enforcement, you also have a very specific role in fighting the darkness.
Do it well. I’m for you.
Praise God for you!

But if you are not in the military or law enforcement, and following Christ, what can you do? I mean really – what can we do beyond virtue signaling on social media – “I stand with Manchester! At home! I changed my profile pic on Facebook!” Beyond declaring group hugs and no borders and no walls like Katy Perry (who coincidentally lives in a bullet proof bubble with armed security and a wall around her house).

If I’m serious about following Jesus, and I sincerely want to make a difference, isn’t there something I can do?

God actually has a word for you.

In the very beginning, it was dark. In fact, there was nothing. And out of nothing, God created everything. And He said, “Let there be light.” And instantly, there was light.

The darkness was driven back by God’s light.

Fast forward many years, Jesus walked the earth, and He famously said,”I AM the light.” John 8:12IMG_0850

You could accurately proclaim, “That Jesus is lit!”

And about 60 years after Jesus was born there was a very dark city called Ephesus. Half a million people and none of them knew God. Instead, they worshiped the Roman god Diana or the Greek god Artemis. The worship included a lot of dark stuff including temple prostitution and horrific rituals.

Jesus (The Light) showed up in this town, in the form of a little church full of His followers.

And God told says to them in Ephesians 5:8, “For once YOU were full of darkness, but now you have light from the Lord. So live as people of light!
And they, “Lit it up.”

So with that all in mind, His word for you?unnamed (1)

Be the light.

Not everyone can get in a jet and drop a MOAB on a hornets’ nest of dark hearts plotting murder and mayhem. Not everyone can go undercover and find people plotting the death of young girls leaving a concert.

But everyone who has Christ can be His light.

So do it. Be the light of Christ to change hearts and minds wherever God has called you to live and work. Ask God every day to use you to shine a light into the souls of people all around you.

Can that really make a difference?

Christ’s light is so powerful that when it shined into the soul of a seething murderous monster named Saul, it changed him into the greatest Christian to ever live – a man named Paul who God used to write half the New Testament.

And here’s the payoff:

The light you shine today might just fight back the darkness in a heart that could do tremendous evil tomorrow.


So in this dark and evil world, get lit! And light it up everywhere and every way you possibly can. unnamed (3)

“You are the light of the world—let your good deeds shine out for all to see so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:14, 16‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Amen amen.


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Religion is a Crutch!

Madelyn Murray O’Hair (who fought successfully to remove prayer from school) famously said, “Religion is a crutch and only the crippled quote-religion-is-a-crutch-and-only-the-crippled-need-crutches-madalyn-murray-o-hair-117-14-62need crutches.” She was so crippled with hatred for her father that she chased him around the house with a butcher knife, trying to kill him.

Jesse Ventura said religion is a “crutch for weak-minded people.” Before he went out and sued the widow of the American military hero Chris Kyle. He was so crippled with…something…that he sued a widow.

Always a bad plan to attempt to deride religion by calling it a crutch.
First, some of the very best, most excellent people in history were…religious. Washington, Lincoln, Wilberforce, Tolkien, CS Lewis, Martin Luther AND Martin Luther King.

Second, there will come a day in every man or woman’s life when it will be proven that we are all crippled and in need of a crutch.

Weak-minded people like Washington, Wilberforce, Tolkien, Martin Luther AND Martin Luther King (none of these weak-minded people sued a military widow).
WE all have bodies and minds that are broken and battered and bruised that will eventually die and decay.

WE are all crippled.

Some try to overcome it through bravado and bravery and pompous comments, some just hobble along until they die, and some deny it to the end.

The truth is…if I live long enough to see life beat the arrogance out of me, and I use just a little bit of the wisdom God gave me, I’ll get to that place where I personally realize that I, just like every other human being, am actually crippled.

I’m crippled in a hundred different ways. Do I need a crutch? You bet I do.

In John 6, Jesus does a remarkable thing. He’s massively popular with around 15,000 men, women and children following Him. So He preaches a sermon that DRIVES EVERYONE AWAY. He cuts His own popularity from 15,000 to 12 disciples!

He notices this and asks his inner circle of 12, “Do you want to leave Me to?”

And Peter the bold, Peter the outspoken, Peter the “often wrong but never unsure” has what may be his greatest moment of inspiration and clarity – he just nails it.

Peter says, “Lord, where would we go? You have the very words of eternal life.

The words of Jesus are more than clever prose or poetic expressions, they are life itself…for today and tomorrow and forever and ever and ever.

So I misled you a bit. Kind of.

Religion can be a crutch. Jesus is not. A crutch just helps a cripple hobble along, Jesus will carry us along, and in His Kingdom will heal completely.

Isaiah wrote about Him almost 3000 years ago. Isaiah 35:6 says “The cripple will leap like a deer, and those who cannot speak will sing for joy!”

I’m crippled in a hundred different ways. Do I need a crutch? You bet I do.  At my best, at my worst, I’m entirely dependent on Jesus…the one whose words are life itself…for today and tomorrow and forever and ever and ever.

Amen amen!


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