Can A Christian Be a Doobie Brother?

The following was originally published by  World Net Daily here.

So a CNN reporter was riding the bong bus, marveling at a stoner gas mask and offering a hit on New Year’s Eve – but should a Christian smoke weed?

 A: Obviously not, David. It’s illegal in Texas. Dude!OK. What about California? It’s legal in California now. And Colorado! So it’s OK, right? I mean, “legal” means “permissible,” so it’s OK. Right? Check out the Wordage: Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work (Titus 3:1).

SEE! SEE! “Submissive to the rulers!” Since it’s legal in PROC (People’s Republic of California), let’s be godly submitters. And don’t bogart that joint, my friend! Pass it over to me!

Now, wait just a minute. Don’t get so excited, my doobie brother. Let’s think this through a little bit.

First, a social observation:

Smoke cigarettes? Culture says (I definitely do NOT say this) you’re a demon, a devil and a deplorable, and even if you smoke in your own home, we’ll hunt you down and put you in jail! OK, not yet, but give us time! For now, we’ll just tax your smokes into oblivion – which means we really can’t outlaw it because it’s such a great source of government revenue.

And your cancer-causing second-hand smoke is killing the world! (Full disclosure: smell of cig smoke on a cold, crisp morning fills my mind with great memories of deer hunting with my dad pre-fifth grade.)

I’ve never personally seen a modern movie/TV show where the smoker was the most loveable character in the movie. Maybe the toughest (fire in his mouth, gotta be tough), but not the most loveable.

Smoke weed? You freedom lover! You’re a cool dude who talks while holding your breath! You’re funny and the darling of pop culture – famous to millions like Cheech and Chong and Spicoli! Smoking weed is the subject of humor, and the pothead in a movie is always the most likable, with his “dude” and “tubular” and “gnarly.” I’ve never personally seen a pot smoker in a movie who was deplorable.

It’s perfectly acceptable to say you smoked weed as a kid because even presidents do it (Obama and Clinton). Everyone has done it, right (just for the record, I haven’t)?

So, if smoking a cigarette is so horrendous, and the anti-smoking crowd would love to outlaw it completely, it’s completely illogical that smoking cannabis would be looked at as acceptable in any way! It’s all smoke, carcinogenic and polluting! In fact, the logical response to the legalization of marijuana anywhere would be outrage, panic and hand-wringing. But no, the popular culture largely says it’s a beautiful thing, cute thing, freedom thing … dude. Unless you’re a killjoy, fun-hating narc.

Conclusion? Our crazy world is not the “go-to” for wisdom, logic, consistency or clarity on smoking weed.

What does the Bible say about it?

  1. The Bible doesn’t mention marijuana. Or doobie. Or maryjane. It does mentions grass! Darn! Wrong kind of grass. Just the kind cows eat.
  2. The Bible doesn’t mention “getting high.” Nobody in the Bible ever said, “When I get high I see Jesus.” But I heard someone say that at some time in my life. That is some kind of crazy.
  3. The Bible does say no to drunkenness (Ephesians 5:18). The reason is simple. It robs the individual of the ability to control himself. If you’re “controlled” by drunkenness, you can’t be “controlled” by the Spirit.
  4. Unlike alcohol (you can drink and not get drunk), you can’t smoke a joint (or eat a brownie) and not get high. The whole point is to get high.
  5. Getting high impairs you like getting drunk. “That’s totally bogus man!” Really? Consider this: In Colorado it is illegal to drive while drunk OR under the influence of MJ. Why? Because you are unable to control yourself. You may kill someone.Colorado governmental authorities (and ski resorts) see drunken folks and doobie brothers (or sisters) as equally impaired. (Smoke a joint on the slopes and you’ll be escorted off the mountain.) In this case Ephesians 5:18 (God says no to drunkenness) would come into play. Don’t be controlled by anything (like marijuana or drunkenness) but be controlled by the Spirit of God.

So, besides the fact that smoking weed is:

  1. a poor witness of a person who exalts Christ as King and Lord over all of life,
  2. a stumbling block for folks (nobody ever said, “I got a scholarship to college because of marijuana”),
  3. addictive,

the Biblical principle in Ephesians 5:18 of not being controlled by anything but the Holy Spirit of God would dictate abstinence from the use of marijuana.

Can I smoke weed and be a Christian? Sure. Faith in Christ is the only thing that saves me. But looking at Scripture, I’d have to say I’m a disobedient Christian. I’d be hard-pressed to say in any way that I’m really looking out for No. 1 (Jesus) in my life.

Amen amen.


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It’s Not Christians Who Are #Antiscience

The following was originally published by  World Net Daily here.

I woke up a week or so ago to the most anti-science news from the most educated class in America, and I’m shocked! And shook! Let me explain.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been labeled “anti-science” because I’m a Bible-believing Christian.

Which means I’m a flat-earth backward-thinking caveman who keeps his wife (who may or may not be his first cousin) barefoot and pregnant, clings to his guns and religion (guilty), has wooden teeth (cannot confirm or deny) and is ignorant for believing all of those fairytales in the Bible.

But the day has come where there is proof that I’m “more sciencey” (technical term) than ALL of the atheistic/pagan left.

Five examples of the anti-science popular culture:

#1. A Pew Research poll (link) revealed that 77% of Democrats with a four-year degree think sex is NOT determined at birth. 

I’ve always thought of the Republicans the “stupid party” because they get into power and then act like they’re in the minority.

My Grandmother Ruzicka had this picture hanging in her bar. Very little education, running a country bar, yet a colossal intellect when compared to the college-educated mind of the George Jetson era!

But apparently, 77% of college-educated Democrats look at a newborn, and see the baby’s parts, and are flummoxed and dumbfounded! “Hey, Vern! I can’t tell if that’s a boy or girl! Can you?!?!”


#2. Bodybuilders should NOT pump themselves full of hormones. Danger Will Robinson! Danger! But it’s fabulous “science” to give hormones and hormone blockers to children who have a mental disorder known as gender dysphoria (80% of who will outgrow it), knowing full well that this treatment will change and damage their bodies forever. And all because a kid who likes hot dogs one day and pb&j’s the next “feels” like the opposite sex and says so.


#3. Global Cooling, Warming, or is it Changing? Not sure – just give us your money! And TRUST us! 

1970s: The Ice Age is coming! We’re all going to freeze!
1988: Oops! My bad – I meant global WARMING…not cooling. In fact, famous warming Prof. James Hansen predicts by 2018 Manhatten will be under water and the Arctic will be entirely ice-free. And today he says he’s not wrong, his timing is just a little off. Like by 50 or 100 years.
2009: Al Gore makes a boatload of coin saying the Arctic polar ice cap would melt by 2014.
Today: Oops! Wrong again! Temperatures have NOT risen as predicted. Lots of reports of manipulated data -so let’s say Climate Change! The climate – this is shocking I know – it changes (say this with a lot of drama). We need to spend money! Your money! And limit your lifestyle! Trust me because…science!

My local weatherman can’t get the weather right tomorrow, “science” has a track record in the area of climate cooling/warming/change predictions…ALL WRONG!

Climate Science Motto: Often wrong, never unsure.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me every year for 40 years? Shame on me!


4. White man identifies to be Filipina woman. And is applauded by leftist Cathy Areu. She says, It’s “beautiful,” “wonderful” and this is what is great about America.

No. It’s sad and a sign of mental illness. Just as sure as if I said I’m George Washington or Jesus.


5. Evolution

It’s “settled science” that species evolved into new and different species who evolved into new and different species.

Number of fossils found? Millions.
Number of fossils showing transition from one species to another?

Millions of examples. Some estimate billions of fossils have been found. And yet not ONE example of the transition to a different species. That’s like, “I have a gold bar I’ll give you but give me a five thousand dollars first. BUT…I can’t show it to you!”

I’m not giving you money until you show me the gold brick! I’m not believing your evolutionary fairytale UNTIL YOU SHOW ME THE FOSSIL RECORD. And I’m not anti-science, and I’m not buying what you’re selling.


Each of the items above has been declared “settled” by some “scientist.” And celebrated/promoted/legitimized by the witch doctors of the left.

Let me be clear. I’m NOT anti-science. I AM anti-ignorance. I am anti-dystopian future claims to fund Al Gore’s empire or National Geographic’s endeavors to fund itself as a pure champion of the environment and changing children’s gender (link).

Christianity requires less faith than much of what passes as science in popular culture today. It’s based on a book that names geographic locations, historic events, and historical figures…and it’s accurate. No historical document has contradicted what has been found in the pages of the Bible. And Christianity is based on the testimony of millions throughout history.

But Christianity differs from the popular “Bill-Nye-the-not-an-actual-science-guy” culture in this:

Christianity never declares itself “science” while acting antiscience.

In a world where faith and science and the cult-like following of ideas that sound scientific, grab a Bible and begin to read, and find some folks who believe it, and ask them about their lives and hearts and their relationship with their creator. It could lead you, not to settled science, but a settled heart.

Amen amen.



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