Christians: Privileged or Persecuted?

According to a seminar at George Washington University, I’ve been getting “Christian Privilege” all my life! That’s on top of my patriarchal, white, gluten/peanut tolerating privilege!

But is that really true? Or is it one of those #FirstWorldProblems things?

Globally, the idea of Christian privilege is pure sophistry. Christians are the recipients of up to 80 percent of religious persecution around the planet, making it the most persecuted religion in the world. Worldwide, Christianity is the opposite of privileged unless you consider it a privilege that the day your faith is discovered in Somalia is the day you die.

“But we’re just talking about the evil empire – the United States, David.”

OK – let’s consider that. Christians in the United States don’t blow people up; they don’t riot in the streets; they do billions of dollars of good work. But they are still persecuted. Examples:

  • Facebook refused an ad from a Catholic University because it was too violent – it pictured a statue of Jesus on the cross.
  • Obama tried to force Hobby Lobby and The Little Sisters of the Poor to fund abortifacients against their Christian belief. Horrible people those “Little Sisters” – caring for the elderly poor and destitute as if they were family.
  • In 2012, Chick-fil-A owner Truett Cathy said he supports biblical marriage: one man/one woman. The mainstream media went ballistic, and his restaurants were vandalized and received threats of violence from homosexual groups.
  • A case is currently before the Supreme Court regarding a baker. The baker will sell homosexuals cupcakes, cakes and brownies, but, believing that same-sex marriage is a sin, won’t bake cakes for their marriage ceremonies. So Colorado is trying to force him to violate his religious beliefs.

None of that sounds “privileged” to me. One could argue that Islam is much more privileged that Christianity these days.

After 9/11, when Muslim terrorists killed 3,000 Americans, U.S. leaders went to GREAT PAINS to distance Islam from those guys who claimed to kill in the name of Islam.
After 9/11:

  • We were told we must watch out for “Islamophobia.” “Phobia” refers to an irrational fear – like the fear that one of the 100 million Muslims sympathetic to terrorism might fly a plane into a building in the name of their religion. Crazy.
  • George W. Bush, confronted with this act of terror, declared, “Islam means peace.” Wrong. Who advised this guy? It’s not a secret – Islam literally means, “submission.” I guess “peace” sounded better.
  • Both Bush and Obama refused to say the term, “radical Islam.” It’s not radical Christianity (they handle snakes) or radical Krishnas (used to accost you with love and bald heads in airports) or radical Girl Scout cookie pushers that are the problem.
  • Obama invited dozens of real Islamic terror suspects to the White House.
  • Obama criticized Christianity for the Crusades, which happened 1,000 years ago, but never criticized Islam for the terror of today.
  • Trump banned travel from seven of 50 Muslim majority countries (they were terror incubators); the mainstream media was apoplectic calling it a “Muslim Travel Ban.” Weakest ban in history since it left out 43 countries. “All Muslims are BANNED. Except for 86 percent of them. But it’s BIG BEAUTIFUL BAN.”

Bottom line?

  • Islamic terrorists kill 3,000 Americans, and everyone runs around making sure no one offends Islam.
  • Faithful Christians refuse to pay for abortion drugs or believe in biblical marriage, and they are the Taliban and must be destroyed!

So in one sense in 2018, anyone that goes around claiming Christians have special “privilege” is cloistered from reality.

But, I must admit, here in the U.S., every single person is a recipient of a specific type of Christian privilege. Here’s the truth. The United States is:

  • the greatest country in the world,
  • the safest country in the world,
  • the most prosperous country in the world,
  • the most secure country in the world, and
  • the freest country in all of history.

Why? Because of the Christian values and principles that informed its founding and governance. Christian values led to the forming of a country unlike any in history – dedicated to protecting the individual’s right to freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“But what about all the atrocities the U.S. has committed?” America has her flaws, but those flaws exist in spite of Christianity, when the U.S. has not fully embraced Christian values. And we work hard to right the wrongs: Slavery was the norm around the world, and we were the only nation in human history to fight a bloody civil war to end it.

In every election cycle, Barbra Streisand and her buddies declare they will leave the country if the conservative or Christian or Republican wins. And we wait, and we wait, but THEY NEVER LEAVE. THEY PROMISED! WHY WON’T THEY LEAVE?

Because there’s nowhere better to go.

Instead of “Christian privilege” seminars, there ought to be seminars everywhere on how you should thank your lucky stars if you’re an atheist, your lucky charms if you’re a witch, or whoever it is you worship, that you live in a country that was founded by Christians and/or those who respected Christianity and the Bible. Because you are more blessed than the 95-plus percent of the world’s population that lives elsewhere. You have freedom and liberty unlike any other people in history.



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Getting Rid of Liberty

Well, that didn’t take long.

They come for the Second Amendment, then they come for the First. Because liberty is always under attack. Follow me here:

1. Only a small group of Parkland students have been embraced by the mainstream media. Specifically, five. Commonality? They all hate guns, the NRA, and Republicans. (Democrats are never mentioned by the five.)

2. At least two of the of select students are radically extreme in their language. Cameron Kasky told Sen. Marco Rubio to his face: “It’s hard to look at you and not look down the barrel on an AR-15.” What kind of person even says that? David Hogg has said that NRA members “pathetic f—ers that want to keep killing our children.” For the record, the NRA is a Second Amendment civil rights group funded by 5 million citizens – including me. Its members have been involved in zero mass shootings. This kind of rabid hate-filled screed is immoral and it harshes my mellow.

3. The government’s failures are legion. I’m 100 percent hardcore Blue Lives Matter, but in this case, the list of law enforcement failures that allowed this shooting to happen (including officers sitting outside listening to kids being shot) are so mind-numbingly numerous I can’t list them all, but you can read them here (Wall Street Journal) and here (Miami Herald).

Bottom line? Had local law enforcement and the FBI had done their jobs, at least some and maybe all of the 17 lives would’ve been saved. Let that sink in before you get to No. 4.

4. In spite of No. 3, the “gun control” Parkland students, have expressed NO interest in holding law enforcement accountable. ZERO. If law enforcement failed and the result was that your friends were MURDERED, wouldn’t you be raging from the rooftops? That would be a rational response. But not for the gun control Parkland students:

  • Student Emma Gonzalez said she resents the criticism of law enforcement in this case.
  • Student David Hogg defended the officer who sat outside the entire time students were being murdered and has refused to criticize law enforcement failures that killed his fellow students.

5. Apparently, only survivors who favor gun control are “legitimate” survivors. At the “March for Our Lives,” any Parkland students that were not pro-gun control were deliberately excluded (Kyle Kashuv, Hunter Pollack – brother of murdered student Meadow Pollack). Their friends (and sister) were just as dead, but they were not deemed to be legitimate voices because they were off message.

6. The “Repeal the Second Amendment” push. In the wake of Parkland, there has been a call (by a former Supreme Court justice and others) for the repeal of the Second Amendment. Both Obama and Clinton are fans of repeal, having praised Australia’s gun confiscation as a good model for the U.S.

So obviously, this movement isn’t about school safety, keeping our kids safe, or even right the wrongs. It’s about power and guns and assaulting liberty. It’s an attack on the Second Amendment.

And so we move from an attack on the Second Amendment to the First.

For years there has been a push against free speech with speech codes, warnings about “microaggressions” and hate speech. Since Donald Trump’s election, students have violently rioted against free speech, destroying property at places like Berkeley (home of the free speech movement) to stop the free expression of ideas they disagree with. The result? Speakers the anarchists disagreed with were uninvited. Free speech violently crushed.

So unsurprisingly, Parkland student David Hogg has advanced to attacking free speech. Laura Ingraham hurt his feelings with a tweet, so rather than debate he immediately initiated a boycott of her sponsors to silence her.

When she apologized in the spirit of Easter, he said he would not accept her apology until she started speaking exactly the way he wants her to. He wants to control her speech.

Does he really want her silenced because she hurt his feelings? I doubt it. My guess is he wants her silenced because her voice is an impediment to his power.

Liberty is always under assault.

That explains why there’s this media steam behind an amazingly illogical argument to increase government power in the face of government failure. That’s why there’s a movement against speech on campuses and calls to boycott anyone who hurts a radical’s feelings. People want to control people – that’s the essence of tyranny and, unfortunately, human nature.

The Bible calls this our “sin nature,” and the nation’s founders understood it. They knew that “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” They understood that the only safeguard against corruption was to make sure no one person or one group or the government had “absolute power.”

How did they do that? They recognized that God is the giver of certain absolute rights, not the government. Among those is freedom of speech, religion, and freedom to defend life, property, and liberty. Whenever those are infringed upon, you have tyranny (see China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela).

When people are willing to ignore the facts and the failure of government, so they can use that same government to limit the rights of the law-abiding, it’s critical we recognize their attempts for what they really are: an attack on our God-given liberty.


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